Welfare Tech has merged into the newly established Danish Life Science Cluster

17 June 2021

Welfare Tech and four other clusters and networks in Denmark have merged into a supercluster – DANISH LIFE SCIENCE CLUSTER, that is operating nation-wide and across the entire healthcare sector. The merged organisations are: Biopeople (Gold label), Welfare Tech (Gold Label), Medtech Innovation Consortium, Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster, and Lifescience Innovation North Denmark.

The future challenges in the healthcare sector calls for collaboration across industries and sectors. In Danish Life Science Cluster (https://www.danishlifesciencecluster.dk/) we become part of an even larger network nationally and internationally, which focuses on welfare technology, medical technology, pharma, biotech, and life science. We can therefore increase contact with relevant companies, universities, and healthcare operators throughout the country. 

All the activities that the cluster participants have helped to develop in Welfare Tech over the last ten years continue under the auspices of the Danish Life Science Cluster – this applies to events, network groups, innovation projects and various types of knowledge sharing activities.

The Danish Life Science Cluster has offices in Odense, Aarhus, Aalborg, Region Zealand and Copenhagen. The employees of Welfare Tech and the premises in Odense continue as a regional hub of the Danish Life Science Cluster.

The Danish Life Science Cluster will continue and expand its international collaboration in particular within the areas of 

  • Health-data and digitalisation
  • Personalised treatment and medicine
  • Agility and resilience
  • Green transformation

Contact: International Coordinator Karen Lindegaard, email: [email protected]


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