We welcome our new Zimbabwe Digital Health Ecosystem! Read the interview with its ecosystem coordinator

9 August 2022

We are very excited to welcome our very first ecosystem in Africa: the Zimbabwe Digital Health Ecosystem. Read this interview with Dr Sikhululiwe Ngwenya, Medical Consultant at HealthGateway Africa Trust.

Who are the key stakeholders?

Our key stakeholders are Patients and Citizens, Researchers and Educators (Universities), Healthcare Providers (Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors’ Surgeries), Startup Companies and Non Governmental Organisations.

What are the main objectives of your ecosystems?

Our main objectives are 1) to address information and knowledge gaps in healthcare for health providers and health seekers, and 2) to create a sustainable digital health infrastructure and digital health systems.

Why did you join the ECHAlliance Network of Ecosystems?

We wanted to join ECHAlliance for two main reasons: on the one hand, we want to collaborate with other systems in solving gaps in digital healthcare, and on the other hand, we want to get more global exposure and digital footprint of our activities.

Who is missing from your ecosystem in terms of stakeholders? 

We are looking for Funders, Collaborating Universities and POCT Manufacturers (Medtech Companies).

Which ecosystems are you looking to collaborate with?

We are looking to collaborate with all relevant ecosystems across the globe.

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