We welcome our new Austrian Digital Health and Social Innovation Ecosystem! Read the interview with its ecosystem coordinator

4 April 2023

We are very excited to welcome our first Austrian ecosystem. Read this interview with Dr Eva Turk, Senior Researcher at CDHSI – Center for Digital Health and Social Innovation (UAS St. Pölten).

Who are the key stakeholders?

Our key stakeholders are:

What are the main objectives of your ecosystems?

Together with communities and professionals we conduct research and development at the interface of health, social care, and digital technologies. We connect people and ideas and create human-centered solutions to promote well-being for healthy societies. We are the first contact point for researchers, industry innovators, and non-profit organizations on a national and international level.

We organize a yearly build.well.being, which is an open access networking event for doers in Digital Healthcare. In a compact afternoon session health professionals meet developers, applied science interweaves with innovative ideas from students, companies get together with startups and experts. The talks feature entrepreneurs, visionaries and next-generation innovators over topics such as patient reported outcomes, digitalization of patient interactions, data-driven health workforce management and radiotherapy with AI based radiology imaging workflows.

Why did you join the ECHAlliance Network of Ecosystems?

Austria has a great opportunity to join a community of stakeholders, interested in developing a joint health agenda, aiming to address and find common solutions to challenges facing different regions. We would like to connect with the broader global digital health ecosystems, where we can connect and learn from each other, as well as help our members to find peers in the endeavor to transform health- and social care delivery. By demonstrating the broader community building, we are hopeful that it will be easier to connect the digital health and social innovation stakeholders also on the national level.

Who is missing from your ecosystem in terms of stakeholders? 

As this is a first attempt to collect the Austrian Stakeholders in Digital Health and Social Innovation, we start with a smaller number of stakeholders. It is important to show the attempt of building a community on the national level, so that we can invite other stakeholders to join as soon as we launch the Austrian Digital Health and Social Innovation Ecosystem, under the umbrella of ECHAlliance.

As a first step, we already count on the involvement of regional authorities, academia and SMEs and we have already invited patient organizations and health professional bodies to join.

Which ecosystems are you looking to collaborate with?

In the short term, we are looking forward to work mainly with the European Ecosystems, as we often experience similar challenges. In this case, it would also be easier to share the knowledge and best practices in interactive events.

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