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Friesland Ecosystem: Yearly Symposium – AHA friendly housing


How can we support the elderly in their own houses with digital appliances and meanwhile enforcing their social life in their personal network?” Secretary-General Erik Gerritsen (department of health NL) is a key speaker. ECHAlliance guests are welcome. 150 to 200 participants, mainly professionals from the GEEF platform. Translation into English will be provided. Location: Leeuwarden ...

Friesland Ecosystem Overview Event


Exchange with peers from South Sweden Friesland Ecosystem will host a delegation from South Sweden, and will at this opportunity prepare and overview event of their strategy, projects, partners and activities. Friesland Ecosystem coordinated by GEEF is interested in cooperation, so that besides the guests from Sweden also other ECHAlliance members are welcome to learn ...

Digital Health Friesland Masterclass


The ‘Digital Health Friesland Masterclass’ will take place on the 20th of September. This Masterclass will be about how care givers can work more on prevention. And how they can use ehealth solutions for this purpose. The insurance company will inform participants about their vision on prevention in care. A lector of our academy of care & ...