UK-Basque Country Healthy Ageing workshops

29 September 2020

Four virtual webinars over October and November:

  • 8th October: Healthy Ageing – A Challenge for Innovative Solutions
  • 22nd October: Unlocking Innovation and Collaboration for Healthy Ageing
  • 5th November: Making Innovation A Reality: UK Experiences
  • 19th November: Regional Initiatives and Innovation Award

These are a series of workshops which aim to bring together policymakers, researchers and business to discuss the impacts of an ageing society and promote the exchange of best practice in public health, policy, innovation and business.

Participants will showcase capabilities on infrastructures, accelerators and living models identifying synergies with the Basque Country´s emerging initiatives. The objective is to stimulate innovative research, deepen the links between research and industry, promote innovative British and Basque technology and design, as well as strength the bilateral relationship as a means to stimulating mutual growth and innovation.

The UK has a long track record of innovation on issues related to ageing society. 12 UK and Basque companies will present their technology and digital solutions and sustainable living models working on healthy ageing, silver economy and agetech. Their technologies apply to products and services that aim to help elderly people, their environment, carers, care homes or families in their daily routines.

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