Tunstall is proud to sponsor Together with Music

9 December 2020

Tunstall is proud to sponsor Together with Music, a national digital campaign that aims to lift the spirits of thousands of care home residents throughout this winter and beyond through music and intergenerational connections.

Created by Care England in conjunction with Intergenerational Music Making, Together with Music brings together care homes with local schools, youth groups and choirs. The campaign encourages a range of interactions, including choosing a song, singing a song or clapping and dancing along, all supported on a virtual platform.

The campaign aims to nurture community partnerships and empower care staff, teachers and community members to play an active role in their neighbourhoods. Through connection and collaboration, it will build strong, creative and resilient communities and offer both the young and the old an opportunity to explore, develop and come together in music.

It all starts with a song!

To find out more, you can watch the Together with Music film, and to get involved please visit www.togetherwithmusic.org.uk

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