The V Forum RIES20, an international benchmark on health topics, will be online and opened to the general audience

5 October 2020
  • #RIES20 is an international forum led by the Cluster Saúde de Galicia (CSG). It is the meeting platform for the main agents of the public and private health sector at the European level.
  • This year, the theme for the V Forum RIES20 will be “Silver Economy: Food and Quality of Life”. It will focus on diet as the basis for wellbeing, with an aim to achieve an active and healthy aging.
  • The forum will be an online event, produced in Albá (Palas de Rei), in Lugo province, and will be broadcasted on October 21st and 28th, and November 4th, 2020.
  • This year, the event will once again have an international reach which will be available to general audiences. Tickets may be purchased at from October 1st, 2020.

#RIES is the international forum of reference at a national and international level to address the challenges and opportunities of the health ecosystem. Led by the Cluster Saúde de Galicia (CSG), it has been designed as a meeting point between the main agents of the public and private health sector at the European level, in collaboration with the ECHAlliance network of health ecosystems. Every year at the RIES Forum the most innovative projects are made visible around a topic of interest to the sector. The V Forum RIES20 will address research projects, case studies, application of technology and FoodTech investment, under the slogan: “Silver Economy: Food and Quality of Life”. The speakers have been carefully selected from projects in Europe, Asia, the US and LATAM representing both public and private entities.

Every year the RIES Forum is held in a Galician town representative of the chosen theme. Lugo, and specifically the village of Albá (Palas de Rei), has been chosen because it includes a food industry based on sustainability and rural development. The structure of the RIES Forum will once again be innovative, adapting to the new global context. It will consist of a hybrid online streaming event on October 21 & 28 and November 4. According to Gisela García-Álvarez, Manager and Managing Director of the CSG,

the online format implemented this year allows us to increase the number of participants and attendees, both international and national. We will also increase the networking tools that we make available to attendees, as well as a careful production of content.

The RIES Forum, CSG’s flagship event, is an invaluable opportunity where collaborations are forged to trigger international missions and the visibility of Galicia as a world benchmark in terms of technologies, research and health services. The V Forum RIES20 will be a platform for the creation of business opportunities, networking and learning about technologies, trends and R + D + i projects, developed by research groups of national and international relevance. Relevant aspects such as omic technologies and personalized nutrition, food texturing, incorporation of functional substances among other topics such as regulatory and digital technologies applied to traceability will be discussed. “The RIES Forum is a reference event for the entire Galician health ecosystem because it represents the meeting point for opinion leaders in health innovation“, states Gisela García-Álvarez.

Those interested can purchase their tickets from September 30th, 2020 at

The CSG is a private non-profit association that includes public and private entities from the health and social health sectors. It acts as a professional platform, within the Galician health ecosystem, for public-private cooperation, with the purpose of supporting innovation for the co-creation of solutions that improve people’s well-being. Members include patient associations, entrepreneurs / startups, SMEs, multinationals, as well as universities, technology centers, biomedical foundations, non-profit associations and professionals from the health and social health sectors.

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