The Rise of CEE Medical Startups: Shaping the Future of Healthcare

20 April 2023

Registrations are underway for the 4th edition of the “Top Disruptors in Healthcare” Report – the one and only report on the medtech market, which is a comprehensive overview of medical startups in Poland and the CEE region. It is an annual publication that provides information about startups, such as their profile, team, achievements, current needs and problems, financial data, funding rounds, and more. It also includes in-depth research and statistics that cover the vast majority of the startup market.

he Polish Hospital Federation, the AI in Health Coalition, the team of experts of inHealth and the Young Medical Managers are inviting you to participate in the 4th edition of the “Top Disruptors in Healthcare” Report, presenting innovative medical startups in the CEE region!

Registrations are underway for the 4th edition of the “Top Disruptors in Healthcare” Report – the one and only report on the medtech market.

Central and Eastern Europe has made great progress in the healthcare industry and has become a hub for innovative startups that are using new technologies to improve the quality of healthcare, increase access to medical services and most importantly make healthcare more affordable. The “Top Disruptors in Healthcare” Report features young medical startups that are revolutionizing healthcare and changing the future of medicine.

One of the challenges medical startups face is the need for financial and substantive support from the government and other stakeholders. This is where initiatives such as the aforementioned Report come to action, giving startups the opportunity to showcase their potential and engage with investors, medical institutions, partners and patients. It is worth pointing out that more than half of the respondents (62% of those surveyed in the last year) of the Report indicate that the greatest support for their company’s operation would be help in finding customers and users, as well as in establishing contacts with investors (57% of those surveyed in the last edition). However, it is encouraging that as many as 62.5% of the 2022 Report’s startups are working with medical institutions, which in the future may translate into the speed at which hospitals adopt new medical solutions.

The “Top Disruptors in Healthcare” Report highlights exciting innovations in the Polish and foreign healthcare industry. As medical startups grow and use their technologies to solve healthcare challenges, they are able to play a leading role in shaping the future of medicine. Whether their main sector of operation is artificial intelligence, blockchain, telemedicine, robotics or health apps, all of these startups are making a real difference in the lives of patients and doctors. They are helping to create a more equitable and efficient healthcare system, with more affordable access to medical services. With the right support, such as the Report, medical startups are sure to continue to grow and flourish in the upcoming years,” points out Karolina Kornowska, coordinator of the “Top Disruptors in Healthcare” Report.

According to statistics from last year’s Report, there has been a large interest among startups to develop medical solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning – almost half of respondents indicated that they are developing solutions in this sector. Demand for standalone IT applications is also growing – the number of startups developing such solutions has doubled in the past years, reaching 37% in 2022. 

More than 150 startups from Poland and the CEE region participated in last year’s edition of the Report.  In addition, the Report received the support of key stakeholders in the system – it was supported by both representatives of the public side and leading industry organizations in Poland and around the world. The results presented in the Report were mentioned by numerous Conferences and publications. Experts such as Dr. Bertalan Mesko of The Medical Futurist, Andrew Wrobel of Emerging Europe and Radoslaw Sierpinski, President of the Medical Research Agency, left their words in the Report itself.

The 4th edition of the Report will be officially published during the international “AI & MEDTECH CEE” Conference in June 2023.

Participation in the Report is possible by filling out the form, located in the link following: 

Organizations interested in cooperation and startups willing to participate in the 4th edition of the Report are invited to contact Karolina Kornowska, Coordinator of the “Top Disruptors in Healthcare” Report, at e-mail: [email protected]

We also invite you to read the extended version of the Report, which is available on the AI in Health Coalition website.

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