The Future Hospital in Oulu

12 March 2018

Transformation to digital healthcare is well underway and the future hospital is not a dream, it is real.

One of the most important projects that the OuluHealth ecosystem in Oulu is currently involved in is the Future Hospital OYS 2030 programme. The main idea behind this initiative is to modernize the Oulu University Hospital (OYS) in a way that it becomes the smartest hospital in the world and utilizes the most advanced technologies, such as 5G, IoT, AI, VR, AR and big data analytics. The Future Hospital project also brings business opportunities for health technology companies that provide innovative solutions to healthcare challenges.

The future hospital concept will be the main theme of this year’s Health Demo Date on 14 April, which is the biggest event in the health sector in Oulu. Demo Date will see health companies, professionals and health enthusiasts gathering to discuss future solutions for hospitals and healthcare.

Read more about this event and register here. Joins us in shaping the future of healthcare!Read about the future hospital in Finnish.

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