ECHAlliance Chaired with Medtronic in First-ever Gatekeeper Community of Interest Workshop!

15 July 2021

On the 23 June 2021, almost 60 European stakeholders joined the first workshop of the Gatekeeper Community of Interest (CoI).

This group brings together a network of actors across Europe who are interested in healthcare and technology, such as the crossroads of healthcare, artificial intelligence, and big data. 

The Community of Interest is divided into 4 areas of interest or territories, that in the workshop were organised in breakout rooms to get acquainted, understand common interests, and define the work to be developed further:

  • People: focusing on the citizen needs for a healthy living and ageing, and the challenges faced by healthcare providers in order to cover these needs.
  • Solutions: focusing on the healthcare data space and AI services in Gatekeeper.
  • Business: focusing on new business models and opportunities created by Gatekeeper for innovation, AI and data sharing in the health care domain.
  • Data and regulations: focusing on certification of data processing for e-health.

The session was chaired by the ECHAlliance International Project Director Karolina Mackiewicz. Marta Perez-Alba from Medtronic and Carina Dantas from ECHAlliance presented the concept of the Community, the main aims, and objectives of the workshop. 

Further on, the leaders of the four territories, supported by the CoI management team, presented the topics of interest within each area and a summary of the discussion and areas after the breakouts to explore for future joint activities. 

More activities will be fostered after the summer break and updated on the GK website and LinkedIn Group.

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