The Digital Health & Wellness Summit 2021
Ain Aaviksoo

Ain Aaviksoo, MD MPH

Chief Medical Officer, Guardtime Health

Prior to tGaurdtime Ain worked as Undersecretary for E-services and Innovation for Estonian government overseeing the digital transformation and innovation of health care, labour and social matters.
Dr Aaviksoo obtained MD from University of Tartu and MPH from Harvard University.
He has earlier work experience as a physician, senior level civil servant, international level consultant on large system transformation and technology adoption in healthcare, health policy researcher, CEO of public policy think-tank Praxis and as a health-tech entrepreneur.
Dr Aaviksoo has published over 20 peer-reviewed articles and contributed into several book chapters on health policy and e-health, he is also regularly presenting as invited keynote speaker on digital services and health care innovation at international events. He is lecturing in various universities on innovation and technology in healthcare.


Francesc X. Arrufat

Psychiatrist and Director, Hospital Universitari Institut Pere Mata

Psychiatrist, PhD from University of Barcelona. Director of the University Hospital Institut Pere Mata and associated professor at Rovira i Virgili University. Since April 2021, Dr. Arrufat is also Board Director of Mental Health Cluster Catalonia.
He has conducted research on genetic basis of schizophrenia, traumatic experiences related to the aetiology and development of psychosis, attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, prevalence of mental illness in intellectual disability, the role of occupational therapy in the treatment of depression, influence the insight in the quality of life of obsessive-compulsive disorder, application of psychological autopsy in suicide deaths and the role of stress and psychological factors in the development of multiple sclerosis.
He has worked in the design of a suicide prevention program and participated in the development of clinical practice guidelines (eating disorders, electroconvulsive therapy) for the Government of Catalonia and the Spanish National Health System.

Andrea Barbiero 3

Andrea Barbiero

Co‑op Secretary & Co-Founder, SalusCoop

Since 2005, I’ve focused on consulting services, guiding the different agents of the health ecosystem in transiting their challenges related to digital transformation and innovation.
Working with different health ecosystem actors (Ministries of Health, Hospitals, Health Insurers, and Companies / StartUps) in Spain and in Latin America (Argentina, Chile,…).
Since 2014 Ieading Co-Salud, a boutique consulting platform focused particularly on promoting open and collaborative innovation in the health sector.
Active member of OuiShare, a global community and a think tank whose mission is to build and develop a collaborative society connecting people, organizations and ideas around equity, openness and trust. Where it promotes the values ​​of a more collaborative and participative health.
Leader of the Salud Digital community that promotes the meeting of the different actors of digital health, mainly in Latin America.
In 2016 a new journey began in the hands of prestigious professionals in the health sector and open innovation, building SalusCoop, a citizen health data cooperative that helps improve research and science.
Currently participate as a freelancer on some health projects and collaborating as advisory board in different health startups and companies.
In Permanent Beta
Specialties: Health Services Strategic consultant, Digital Health Consultant, Health Innovation, Health economics, Health Entepreneurship.

Marion Chalumeau_4YFN_29 june

Marion Chalumeau

Head of Digital and Innovation, Novartis Oncology

Marion Chalumeau is the head of Digital and Innovation at Novartis Oncology. She has over 20 years of professional experience in the healthcare industry starting with 10 years in Healthcare consulting, followed by 3 years in biotech and for the last 8 years she has been working for Novartis Oncology in Spain. She holds a Master of Science from AgroParisTech (France) and a Master in Pharmaceutical Marketing from EADA.
Her purpose is to leave to her children a world where health and in particular oncology is accessible to all and to participate in reimagining medicine. She is committed to achieve it through an innovative and imaginative science and relying on new digital technologies to discover and create solutions that transform, not only the way to investigate and develop treatments, but also the healthcare paradigm

Emilio Lobato

Emilio J. Cortegoso

PATIENT and Product Development Manager GPT, Multicountry Payroll, ADP

IT Manager working in Human Capital Management industry at global level for the last 20 years, married, father of two teenagers, living with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis for the last 10 years. Love everything IT, reading, travel, hanging out with friends, learning some japanese. Recently joined the Expert Patient program as group facilitator.

Clara Cuervo

Clara Cuervo

Transformation and BIOME Manager, Novartis Spain

Clara leads the development of Novartis Biome in Spain. Clara has spent most of her career in healthcare working at the intersection of healthcare innovation, technology, and strategy at a global and local level.
Clara worked at the multinational dialysis company DaVita and the Memorial Sloan Kettering Centre developing innovative solutions for patients and professionals in the healthcare field.
Clara is passionate about the “art and science” of innovation, as well as being grounded in business, strategy, and project management.

Rachel Dunscombe

Professor Rachel Dunscombe

CEO, NHS Digital Academy, Principal, Tektology

Professor Rachel Dunscombe is CEO of the NHS Digital Academy, Principal at Tektology and strategic advisor to the NCA Salford NHS Group. She provides advisory services to the Secretary of State for Health in the UK, is the health care representative on the UK government AI council and is associate digital editor for the BMJ. Through her academic work Rachel has received a visiting professorship at Imperial College, London. Rachel is a non-executive director of the Digital Health Society and formerly the Director of Digital for Salford NCA Group which was the NHS’s most digitally mature organisation. She has led services to enable health delivery for hospitals, community services, social care, regions and at a national level.

gemma headshot 2020

Gemma Estrada Bertran

Director Digital Health and Technology, Ferrer

Gemma has over 20 years of experience in pharma companies (Uriach, Sanofi, Ferrer) and CROs (Harrison Clinical Research, Synteract). She earned a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Barcelona, an Executive Management Degree and a Diploma in Marketing & Leadership from ESADE Business School.
Enthused by Transparency, Patient Centricity and Mobile Health, she started in Clinical Development to assist clinical operations connect with a relevant human experience. After 23 years she transitioned to Digital Health and currently leads a collective effort to reimagine Ferrer by leveraging “digital” on behalf of patients, doctors, payers, partners and employees. She is the director of Ferrer4Future, an open innovation program to collaborate with start-ups in the construction of a healthier society through digital technologies.


Jorge Juan Fernandez Garcia

Director of Innovation, EIT Health

Previously, Jorge was Director of E-Health within the Innovation Department at Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona – a key example of a European healthcare provider using online care, telemedicine, mobile apps and health 2.0 tools to put the patient at the center of care – and Director of Moebio, a Stanford Biodesign program where interdisciplinary teams experience a full cycle of innovation, from need identification through invention to early-stage implementation.
Jorge has more than 18 years of experience, with the last eight years fully dedicated to innovation, technology and entrepreneurship at the intersection of business, government, and academia.
He regularly acts as advisor and mentor to healthcare startups and entrepreneurial acceleration programs.
Jorge received his BSc in Economics from Universidad de Oviedo and a Master’s degree in Economic and Political Theory from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). He also holds a GMP from IESE Business School and a GSP from Singularity University. He has also followed executive education programs on leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship from leading institutions (Stanford University, Harvard University, ESADE Business School, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and Kaiser Permanente – Sidney R. Garfield Innovation Center).
In 2014, Jorge was selected as European Young Leader “40 Under 40” (http://www.friendsofeurope.org/project/european-young-leaders).

Gemma Galdon

Gemma Galdon Clavell

Founder and CEO, Eticas Research & Consulting

Dr. Gemma Galdon-Clavell is a leading voice on technology ethics and algorithmic accountability. She is the founder and CEO of Eticas Consulting, where she is responsible for leading the management, strategic direction and execution of the Eticas vision. Her multidisciplinary background in the social, ethical and legal impact of data-intensive technology allowed her and her team to design and implement practical solutions to data protection, ethics, explainability and bias challenges in AI. She conceived and architected the Algorithmic Audit Framework technology which now serves as the foundation for Eticas flagship product, the Algorithmic Bias Tracker.
Under Galdon-Clavell’s leadership, Eticas has forged the development of a new market in digital ethics and trustworthy AI, reaching all verticals including social services, healthcare, finance, government, education, cybersecurity and more.
She also serves as a tech ethics adviser at international and national public and private organisations, and is a sought-after keynote speaker and media contributor with the mission to shift the way we think about technology.


Joan Gibert Fernandez

Bioinformatics Scientist, Hospital del Mar- Parc de Salut MAR

Joan Gibert is currently Bioinformatic Scientist at the Hospital del Mar. He earned his PhD in Biomedicine at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra by determining key processes during cancer progression and metastasis. He is now working in determining important mutational profiles for disease pregression together with the development of Deep Learning models using medical images in combination with molecular and clinical data. His work is part of the Hospital del Mar coordinated effort to leverage precision medicine in the daily work.


Judit Giró Benet

Co-founder & CEO, THE BLUE BOX

In 2014 Judit started her bachelor’s in biomedical engineering at the University of Barcelona, where she met a dog that smelled patients’ breath and barked if they had lung cancer. She then thought that “if biology has a way to do it, we engineers could build a device on this principle too”. And so her bachelor thesis started.
The goal of her career became then clear: She wanted to use engineering to mimic a dog’s nose with an Arduino microprocessor and a couple of sensors; and to translate the brain’s olfactory cortex into a piece of AI-based Python code.

Yann Izarzuzaga_4YFN_June 29

Yann Izarzugaza

Oncologist, Jiménez Díaz Foundation University Hospital

Dr. Yann Izarzugaza Perón, as an oncology specialist, is an expert in breast cancer. Graduated in medicine from the Complutense University of Madrid, and a specialist in medical oncology, he has been active since 2005.
He completed his residency at the Gregorio Marañón Hospital and since 2009 he has developed his professional work working at the Jiménez Díaz Foundation University Hospital.
He is currently the coordinator of the breast unit of the medical oncology service. He is a researcher at the IIS-FJD, as well as the author of numerous research articles. He participates as a member of research and innovation working groups at the national level and has held numerous national and international conferences.


Thibault Jacquemart

CEO, Lilo Health

Thibault has had a passion for biology since childhood, often reading scientific literature in week-ends since he was 10 years old. An avid traveler, he backpacked across continents and started his career in international business development.
After going through the loss of his father, he decided to direct his passion to challenge the way care is delivered.
Thibault is an advocate for remote blood testing and other clinically validated wearables as integral parts of treatments; to increase their effectiveness and further our understanding of drug interactions, comorbidities, and the influence of behaviours on health.
With projects shaping up in cardiovascular health, oncology, and inflammatory diseases, Thibault seeks to empower patients in early disease detection and management, with a strong focus on patient-centricity.

Tomas Perez

Tomàs Lóbez Pérez,

 CEO – FounderNixi for children

Social entrepreneur, founder of Nixi for Children and professor of entrepreneurship for designers at EINA. After a personal experience related to childhood cancer, Tomàs decided to found Nixi for Children in 2018 and start collaborating with pediatric hospitals in order to find solutions to the needs of the little ones and improve their day to day life in the hospital through VR. Three years after its foundation, Nixi for Children’s different projects continue to grow and consolidate in areas covering pediatric surgery, childhood cancer, hemophilia and more.

Francisco Lupianez

Prof. Francisco Lupiáñez-Villanueva

CEO, Open Evidence

His area of expertise is concerned with the social, economic, cultural and policy issues associated with information and communication technologies with a particular focus on Digital health, including, evaluation, health data and Artificial Intelligence. He works in the intersection of regulation, big data and behavioural science transforming raw health data into actionable knowledge supporting decision-making at individual and organisational level. He has conducted several studies for DG SANTE, DG CONNECT and DG JUST in these fields and has helped health care authorities and providers at National and European level to boost the potential of their data. Next to his position as Co-founder of Open Evidence, Francisco is also Information and Communication Science Professor at Open University of Catalonia.

Ana Maiques

Ana Maiques

CEO, Neuroelectrics

Ana Maiques is the CEO of Neuroelectrics. She studied Economics at the University of Barcelona and has an MBA from London Metropolitan University. She has also completed IESE Business School’s advanced management program. She was nominated by IESE as one of the most influential entrepreneurs under 40 in Spain in 2010. In 2014, Maiques won third prize in the European Woman Innovator of the Year awards, for her entrepreneurial vision in promoting Starlab as an innovative company of scientific excellence. In 2015 & 2016, she was named one of most inspiring women on the Inspiring Fifty list in Europe.
Maiques founded Starlab spin-off Neuroelectrics in Barcelona, Spain, in 2011, and established offices in Boston, United States in 2014. Focused on developing medical devices for the brain, Maiques describes Neuroelectrics as a “digital brain health company” that aims to treat brain disease in a non-invasive, personalized way through the use of technology. Ana continues breaking the barriers of science and technology in an impactful way with Business Ethics


Luis Martín

CEO & Cofounder, CancerAppy

Global Executive MBA. An experienced entrepreneur and business leader. With a career spanning more than 15 years in technology and data science, he is an expert in creating projects from scratch and offering them to the market. Architect by the UCJC of Madrid. Co-founder of TatemonoProject (a publishing house in 20109, EstudioNOTE (a creative studio IN 2017), NAT innovation office (Architecture Studio in 2017) and Cancerappy in 2019. He provides all the business knowledge in CancerAppy project.

Sven Mufinger

Sven Mulfinger

Co-founder of Dana, by a Thousand Colibris

Serial and Social entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience focused on customer’s needs, leading organizations through start-up, revitalization, turnaround and accelerated growth. Sven has a heart that beats for impact-driven ventures, B-Corp and other organizations that heal the world. He decided to quit his previous venture (acquired by Bertelsmann) and his comfortable position as a General Manager for Southern and Western Europe to launch Dana, a purpose-driven venture, much more aligned with his current conscious values. As a co-founder, Sven is building Dana from scratch, gathering exceptional people around the project to improve the mental health and well-being of women who are becoming mothers. Sven is born in Belgium, has the French and German nationality, and is in living in Barcelona for 20 years. He is married and is a father of 3 wonderful (and sometimes challenging) kids.

Aline Noizet

Aline Noizet

Chief International Officer, Barcelona Health Hub

Aline Noizet is a connector by heart! Passionate about innovation and new technologies applied to healthcare, she is very people-focused and has a natural talent to connect people and build ecosystems around digital health. Her extensive network resides not only in Europe and Spain, where she is based but also all across the globe with a personal interest in the US market. Aside from working on her own projects with different clients, Aline currently serves as Chief International Officer of Barcelona Health Hub, Social Network manager at nina capital and eHealth Enthusiast at Startup Colors.

Aline has strong international experience working with startups, helping them scale-up and connect with corporate companies. She was program manager for Bayer G4A (Grants4Apps) Accelerator programs in Barcelona, United States and Berlin, Business Development Director Europe for Health 2.0, a company showcasing the latest innovations in healthcare and partner of eHealth Hub, an EU project, supporting digital health SMEs

Charlie Pearmund

Charlie Pearmund

CEO, Virtual Bodyworks

Charlie is currently CEO at Virtual Bodyworks, a spin-off from the University of Barcelona and Hospital Clinic Barcelona. Charlie joined the founding team having worked for several years in Technology M&A in London, where he raised capital totalling c. €1bn for start-ups and growth businesses through IPOs and capital raises. Since joining Virtual Bodyworks, Charlie implemented the World’s first neurorehabilitation tool based on the advanced VR concept of embodiment into Madrid’s leading neurorehabilitation hospital, Hospital Los Madroños.
Charlie’s background is in Economics, he has a Master’s degree from Trinity College in Dublin. He also holds an MBA from IESE Business School in Barcelona.

Pol Pérez Sust

Pol Perez Sust

Director of Information Systems, Catalan Health Services (CatSalut)

Degree in Biology and Master’s degrees in Health Economics and Health Management, Pol Pérez has developed his entire career in Health technology. Starting as a health IT consultant, soon he joined up the public health service in Catalonia. Firstly, he occupied different positions as IT manager in health providers and in 2014 he got promoted as a IT Systems Director for the Institut Català de la Salut.
Nowadays, he is in charge of coordinate and manage the IT healthcare and digital health policies as IT General Coordinator for the Ministry of Health of Catalonia and as IT Systems Director for the Catalan Health Service.

jordi_piera (1)

Jordi Piera Jiménez

Director of the Digital Health Strategy Office, Catalan Health Service

Jordi Piera Jiménez is dually trained in Computer Science Engineering and Enterprise Management at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He also holds a Master’s degree in Telemedicine from Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC).
He started working in a service provider organization back in 2003, first as an analyst and software developer and secondly as the CIO. After a few years dedicated entirely to IT, his concerns for improving health and social care services through the usage of digital health solutions moved his attention to the research and innovation areas. In the academic field, Jordi holds various positions in different universities in Catalonia and abroad.
Jordi is currently the Director of the Digital Health Strategy Office within the Catalan Health Service.

Irene Sanchez

Irene Sanchez

Health Business Creation Manager, EIT

Irene has a Bachelor of Pharmacy and a Master in Creation and Management of Innovative Technology-based Companies from the University of Barcelona, where she is currently pursuing a PhD in Business.
Throughout her career, Irene has successfully led pharmaceutical industry business development activities in Latin America and global implementation of Named Patient Supply services.
In her current role, Irene manages the EIT Health Acceleration program in Spain. Since 2018, she has been working closely with more than 200 Spanish-led projects, start-ups and SMEs to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the health field, providing valuable advice and guidance.
Her expertise in life sciences, combined with outstanding management, business development and sales skills, enables her to provide first-class support to many new biotech, medtech and digital health companies. Irene is committed to advancing and maximising the impact of new ventures in the European health innovation space and promoting their success on a pan-European scale.


Amit Shafrir

Co-Founder, Quiv

Mr. Shafrir is the co-Founder of Quiv, a marketplace of askers and experts where the proceeds benefit charitable organizations. Previously Mr. Shafrir had co-founded of a few companies in the senior care tech space. Among them, SaferAging,com, lert.ly, and OurParents.com (sold). Between 2010 and 2013, Mr. Shafrir was Executive President and Director of Badoo (currently known as BMBL and valued at over $8 Billion). Mr. Shafrir has vast expertise in both consumer Internet and enterprise software, having managed some of the Internet’s most powerful brands such as icq, Netscape Security Solutions, and WinAmp, and was President of AOL Premium Services. Consumer Products that have acquired over 1 Billion of users, and have generated over $5 Billion in shareholder value.
Mr. Shafrir has also held senior position at Amdocs, providing software services to companies like AT&T, Sprint, Nextel and T-Mobile.
Mr. Shafrir holds a BA and MBA degrees from Tel Aviv University. He lives in Bethesda, MD


Elena Torrente

Digital Health Deputy Director, DKV

Political Scientist specialized in the Health sector. Master in Public Management by ESADE-UAB-UPF-EAPC and MBA by ThePowerMBA. Elena Torrente has 15 years of experience in the field of innovation and digital health both in public and private sectors and she is WHO Member of the Roster of Experts in Digital Health.
Elena Torrente is the Digital Heath Development Deputy Director at DKV, a spanish health insurance company from ERGO group, and head of the DKV Innolab for Digital Heath, a lab to promote research and open innovation on the efectiveness of digital health solutions to improve people’s health.


Julien Venne

Board Director, ECHAlliance and the Digital Health Society, Researcher, United Nations University

Naturally evolving in an international environment (fluent in English, French and Spanish), passionate about digital transformation & social impact, Julien is an experienced C-level executive with track records in large corporates, start-ups, governments & public authorities, hospitals, universities and non-profit organisations.
Highly-skilled in strategic thinking, Julien supports the innovation in public and private organisations, around public policies, services & investments design, business modelling, market access & business development tactics, ecosystems building, customers’ engagement, marketing & communication.
As an entrepreneur or intrapreneur, Julien is designing digital products and services aiming to improve people’s life such as personalised health and wellbeing programmes, behaviours change strategies and solutions, digital platforms and mobile apps, GovTech & CivicTech, smart human cities, etc.
As a researcher, Julien is affiliated to the United Nations University (UNU-MERIT), the University of Maastricht (Netherlands) and the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (India). His researches focus on digital transformation, data governance and digital trustworthiness, digital democracy, behavioural sciences, health and wellbeing, public and international health.
Involved in ECHAlliance almost since its beginning, Julien has been Director of Strategy and Innovation during 5 years and now he’s Board Director in charge of the Digital Health Observatory (DHO) and the scientific content of our activities, as well as of the deployment of partnerships and ecosystems in Latin America. He’s also Board member of the Digital Health Society (DHS) and member of the Council of the Global Health Connector Partnership.
Julien is also regularly speaking at international events.

Josep Vidal Alaball

Josep Vidal Alaball

Head of the Central Catalonia Primary Care Innovation and Research Unit, Institut Català de la Salut

Born in Berga, he moved to the UK in 1998 where he stayed for 9 years. In 2002 he completed a Family Medicine specialty in Devon and moved to Wales to work as a clinical researcher and professor at Cardiff University.

At the end of 2006 he finished his British adventure and returned to Catalonia to work as a rural doctor. During these years he has combined clinical practice with management tasks in primary care.

PhD in telemedicine, he currently works as a family doctor and is the Head of the Research and Innovation Unit in Primary Care of Central Catalonia, where he coordinates a team of clinical researchers focused on research and innovation in health services, mainly oriented to improve the efficiency of primary care services. He is part of the PROSAARU research group (Health Promotion in the Rural Area) where he leads the line of research on new technologies and telemedicine. He is adjunct professor of Medicine at the University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia