The Digital Health & Wellness Summit 2021

The Digital Health & Wellness Summit was back in Barcelona as part of 4YFN & MWC, 29 June 2021

Great Success for the Digital Health & Wellness Summit @ 4YFN-MWC 2021 with 450+ global leaders!

The Digital Health & Wellness Summit (DHWS21) concluded providing opportunities for global companies, start-ups, governments, hospitals, investors, researchers and patients to develop joint digital solutions for healthcare challenges. DHWS21 congregated more than 450 international experts from leading companies such as Biome by Novartis, DKV Seguros, Ferrer, Guardtime, Tektology and more…


Digital Health & Wellness Summit 2021 @4YFN

29th June 2021



Introduction & welcome

Julien Venne, Board Director of the ECHAlliance and the Digital Health Society, Researcher at United Nations University


Novartis BIOME: from the EGOsystem to the ECOsystem

Open Innovation and technologies to design healthcare solutions. Marion Chalumeau and Dr. Izarzugaza will discuss about what the digital era represents for the pharma industry and the healthcare system. They will exemplify how we can co-create, design and launch innovative solutions for patients and healthcare professionals with enablers like BIOME, the Digital Innovation Hub by Novartis.

Marion Chalumeau, Head of Digital and Innovation at Novartis Oncology
Yann Izarzugaza, Oncologist at the Jiménez Díaz Foundation University Hospital


The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic is having a terrible impact on the humanity, obviously on the health of populations (both in relation with the virus and with the associated preventive measures) but as well on the whole life and activities of human beings. The Digital transformation of health and social care has appeared as inevitable facing this situation. So the last year has been an intense period of implementation of innovations (being around since several years or newly created) such as teleconsultations, AI-powered diagnostic solutions, tracking apps and digital passport, remote monitoring and support, mental health management, etc. This session will showcase a few of these innovations which are nowadays fully part of our healthcare systems. Our panellists will also discuss the legacy of this pandemic and how to continue the dynamic for the implementation of more convenient, ubiquitous and personalised care solutions.


 Covid-19 impact on Dispersion of Healthcare to the Home

Amit Shafrir, Vice President and General Manager, Cardiology at Itamar Medical 


Pandemic: a year of digital health innovations

Talk #1: Deep Learning models for COVID-19 diagnosis in a post-pandemic era

Joan Gibert Fernandez, Bioinformatics Scientist at Hospital del Mar- Parc de Salut MAR – Presentation

Talk #2: Will Covid-19 certificates survive beyond the pandemic?

Ain Aaviksoo, VP Healthcare at Guardtime – Presentation

Talk #3: Citizen-led data cooperative for COVID19: the CO3 project

Andrea Barbiero, Co‑op secretary & Co-founder at SalusCoop – Presentation


Panel discussion

With previous speakers around the perspective for digital health and the consequences of the progresses due to the pandemic


Break – Networking



The European Health Data Space

Julien Venne, Board Director of the ECHAlliance and the Digital Health Society, Researcher at United Nations University – Presentation


Moving towards an open platform paradigm: the digital health strategy for Catalonia

Currently, in Catalonia there are a multiplicity of health information systems that share the function of monitoring patients through electronic medical records. This scenario has highlighted the existence of different models of clinical information, difficulties in achieving an agile and systemic deployment of innovations and an old-fashioned and unergonomic technology park.
However, in terms of digital health, locating the people in the care center demands that information systems having an architecture and a repository based on a careful and standardized clinical language. This element is key to contributing to a satisfactory experience of health professionals and citizens in all their interactions with the digital services of the health system, facilitating updates and innovations in the electronic health records.

This session will present the new digital health strategy of Catalonia, which is about to launch an investment of 40 million euros to develop a new model of information systems and Electronic Health Record based on the international and open standard openEHR.

Jordi Piera Jiménez, Director of the Digital Health Strategy Office at Catalan Health Service
Pol Perez Sust, Director of Information systems at Catalan Health Services (CatSalut)
Josep Vidal Alaball, Head of the Central Catalonia Primary Care Innovation and Research Unit at Institut Català de la Salut
Francisco Lupiáñez-Villanueva, CEO at Open Evidence

Emilio J. Cortegoso Lobato, Patient

13:05 – 14:00

Lunch Break



AI in health: use-cases & trustworthiness

AI is another example of technology bringing clear disruptions in all sectors. In the healthcare domain, AI is already offering promising gains through various use-cases such as in personalised medicine, medical imaging, optimisation of care processes within hospitals and care centres, public health studies and interventions, etc. Nevertheless, the deployment of AI in routine care requires its compliance with regulatory frameworks and ethical principles, as well as garantees of robustness and performance. Following the European initiative around the “Trustworthy AI” framework and self-assessment, number of companies are nowadays adopting ethical approaches for their AI developments. This session will give an overview of the practical applications of AI in health, as well as of the models that can be used in order to build trustable and reliable AI systems.

Jorge Juan Fernández García, Director of Innovation at EIT Health (Munich) – Presentation
Rachel Dunscombe, CEO, NHS Digital Academy & Principal, Tektology (UK) – Presentation
Gemma Galdon Clavell, Founder and CEO at Eticas Research & Consulting


Digital & Brain

The digital transformation of healthcare is having major impact on all domains. The fields of neurosciences and neurology are by no means a stranger to the digital revolution. Whether we are talking about neurodegenerative diseases or mental health conditions, one of the most complex organ we have, our brain, can benefit from digital technologies to improve our health and our quality of life. On the mental health side, multiple recent publications showed a clear increase in psychologic and psychiatric care consumption, and experts predict the “mental health wave” after the pandemic. Would digital play a role in this new challenge? This session will be the opportunity to present innovations and use-cases as well as discussing the upcoming development.

Ana Maiques, CEO at Neuroelectrics – Presentation
Francesc Xavier Arrufat, Psychiatrist and Director, Hospital Universitari Institut Pere Mata – Presentation
Charlie Pearmund, CEO at Virtual Bodyworks – Presentation


Break – Networking


The innovation process in the digital health domain could be challenging for innovators, health professionals, start-ups and companies in general.
Which methodology? which tools? How could I work with an hospital? an insurer? a government? or a pharma company?

This session will be the opportunity to share some lessons learnt, good practices and methodologies for the development of innovations in digital health, and will also showcase opportunities for innovators to embark on this journey.

Selected start-ups will pitch their disruptive ideas and business concepts in front of experts, in a “Shark Tank” session.


DKV Digital Health InnoLab

Elena Torrente, Digital health development Deputy Director at DKV Servicios (Spain) – Presentation


Opportunities for Innovators

Ferrer4Future: Challenges in Neurological Disorders
Gemma Estrada Bertran, Director Digital Health and Technology at Ferrer – Presentation

Barcelona Health Hub: Strengthening the health ecosystem through relationship and technology
Aline Noizet, Chief International Officer, Barcelona Health Hub – Presentation

Panel discussion


Start-ups pitches & shark tank


Anna Echegaray, Open Innovation & Business development at DKV Servicios
Aline Noizet, Chief International Officer, Barcelona Health Hub
Irene Sanchez, EIT Health Business Creation Manager
Gemma Estrada Bertran, Director Digital Health and Technology at Ferrer
Clara Cuervo, Digital Transformation and BIOME Manager


Nixi for Children, helping children prepare for medical procedures with virtual reality
Tomàs Lóbez Pérez, CEO – Founder at Nixi for children – Presentation 

An Artificial Intelligence platform for biomarkers, drug development and personalized medicine
Luis Martín, CEO – Co Founder at CancerAppy – Presentation

If dogs can smell cancer… why can’t we?
Judit Giró Benet, Co-founder & CEO at THE BLUE BOX – Presentation

Integration of real-world evidence tracking within digital therapeutics
Thibault Jacquemart, CEO at Lilo Health – Presentation

Preventing maternal mental health disorders through an impact-driven venture
Sven Mulfinger, Co-founder of Dana, by a Thousand Colibris – Presentation


Conclusions & closing

Julien Venne, Board Director of the ECHAlliance and the Digital Health Society, Researcher at United Nations University


Data-drive digital health ecosystem: the OpenEHR model

Nowadays, information systems for patient data collection and clinical information share the need for an architecture and repository based on accurate and standardized clinical language. This element is key for a satisfying experience of users – professionals and citizens – in all their interactions with the health system tools, facilitating updates and innovations of any health provider Electronic Health Record (EHR) related application and centralizing patient’s personal health data.
OpenEHR is the international open source standard for the specific design of clinical information models in electronic medical records. Using its own language (archetype definition language), this reference model makes it possible to develop archetypes enabling to collect and manage clinical data throughout the life cycle of the information system.
This workshop will be focused on the strategic decision of Catalonia to build a new EHR based on openEHR, which means that, Catalonia will become the most populated European region choosing open platforms as a solution for the future of its model of health information systems.

Rachel Dunscombe, CEO, NHS Digital Academy & Principal, Tektology (UK) – Presentation

Invitation only workshop. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to attend


Ain Aaviksoo Guardtime Health
Francesc X. Arrufat Hospital Universitari Institut Pere Mata
Andrea Barbiero SalusCoop
Marion Chalumeau Novartis Oncology
Emilio J. Cortegoso Lobato ADP
Clara Cuervo Novartis Spain
Professor Rachel Dunscombe NHS Digital Academy
Gemma Estrada Bertran Ferrer
Jorge Juan Fernandez Garcia EIT Health
Gemma Galdon Clavell Eticas Research & Consulting
Joan Gibert Fernandez Hospital del Mar- Parc de Salut MAR
Màrius Albert Gómez T-Systems Iberia
Judit Giró Benet The Blue Box
Yann Izarzugaza Jiménez Díaz Foundation University Hospital
Thibault Jacquemart Lilo Health
Tomàs Lóbez Pérez Nixi for children
Francisco Lupiáñez-Villanueva Open Evidence
Ana Maiques Neuroelectrics
Jose Marcilla Novartis Oncology
Luis Martín CancerAppy
Sven Mulfinger Dana
Aline Noizet Barcelona Health Hub
Charlie Pearmund Virtual Bodyworks
Jordi Piera Jiménez Catalan Health Service
Irene Sanches EIT Health
Amit Shafrir Itamar Medical
Elena Torrente DKV
Julien Venne United Nations University
Josep Vidal Alaball Institut Català de la Salut


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