The Digital Health & Wellness Summit 2021

The Digital Health & Wellness Summit will be back in Barcelona as part of 4YFN & MWC, 29 June 2021
We are delighted to announce that

The Digital Health & Wellness Summit will be back in Barcelona as part of 4YFN & MWC, 29 June 2021

DHWS was developed by ECHAlliance to bring health and care expertise to digital health startups, SMEs, technology and telecommunications businesses. It discusses important issues of the day and show cases challenges and innovative solutions from across Europe and beyond. It creates opportunities to connect buyers and sellers, innovators to investors and to meet potential partners and collaborators. It gives innovators the chance to hear about end-user needs and challenges.

DHWS 2021 provides the connections between solution suppliers and their customers (policy makers, hospitals, insurers, pharmaceuticals, Medtech, technology and telecommunication companies). It provides a unique place for these industries to connect to improve healthcare delivery.

MWC Barcelona and 4YFN will now exhibit between 28 June-1 July 2021 and will be moving to Fira Gran Via, the same location as MWC Barcelona 2021.


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29th June 2021



Introduction & welcome


 COVID19: a year of Digital health innovations

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic is having a terrible impact on the humanity, obviously on the health of populations (both in relation with the virus and with the associated preventive measures) but as well on the whole life and activities of human beings. The Digital transformation of health and social care has appeared as inevitable facing this situation. So the last year has been an intense period of implementation of innovations (being around since several years or newly created) such as teleconsultations, AI-powered diagnostic solutions, tracking apps and digital passport, remote monitoring and support, mental health management, etc. This session will showcase a few of these innovations which are nowadays fully part of our healthcare systems and will highlight the upcoming challenges.



This session will showcase an innovative approach of personal data collection for research purpose around the COVID19 pandemic, enabled by a disruptive (but not new) governance vehicle: the cooperative.


Health Data Ecosystem for better health and wellbeing

Julien Venne, Researcher at United Nations University

Our societies are becoming more and more digital. Data is now the basic resources enabling more personalised, predictive, preventive and participatory care. But massive platforms, called “gatekeepers”, have emerged and the control of the good use of personal data has emerged as a major challenge to address around the world. Additionaly, we observe data silos and a lack of fluidity for data sharing. Between the needs for data availability to develop innovations and better services and the needs for new regulations to ensure ethics and citizens’ control over their personal data, this session will explore new models of data governance proposed at all levels (continental, national, local).


The progress of mHealth apps & services – the new normal

Our Hundreds of thousands of mobile apps are proposed on all platforms to consumers in order to manage their health. From a consumer point of view, if we observe a significant growth in the use of such apps, it remains difficult to select the best performing ones within this plethoric offer. From healthcare systems and decision-makers perspective, if it is widely recognised that health apps contribute to the improvement of care, especially for chronic diseases or public health & preventive programmes, the challenge has been to be able to certify their relevance, accuracy and impact. In order to implement mHealth as a new normal healthcare provision channel, several experiences from public and private sectors will be shared during this session.


Innovation in health around the world

Th Global Health Connector Partnership gathers digital health leading organisations on the 5 continents in order to connect innovators. The challenges of innovation in healthcare are multiple: compliance with the regulatory frameworks, user friendliness of the solutions for the citizens/patients and for the professionals, business modelling, evaluation and proof-of-concept, etc. Giving the complexity of the innovation process in the healthcare domain, several initiatives have developed specific methodologies, places and tools to support innovators whether they are start-ups, researchers, health professionals or patients. This session will present such initiatives around the world


5G for health

The 5G deployment has greatly accelerated thes past few months across the globe. The technology will deeply modify the use of all digital services and bring innovations in all sectors. Nevertheless, the healthcare players, wether they are hospitals, policy-makers, health professionals, companies, start-ups…) still need to experiment and discover the new applications made possible thanks to 5G. Several cities in the world have positioned themselves as laboratories for the development of new services based on 5G, such as Barcelona.


AI in health: use-cases, trustworthiness & ethics

AI is another example of technology bringing clear disruptions in all sectors. In the healthcare domain, AI is already offering promising gains through various use-cases such as in personalised medicine, medical imaging, optimisation of care processes within hospitals and care centres, public health studies and interventions, etc. Nevertheless, the deployment of AI in routine care requires a compliance with regulatory frameworks and ethics rules, as well as garantees of robustness and performance. Ignited by the European Commission, a framework called the “Trustworthy AI” has emerged in Europe and number of companies are nowadays adopting an ethical approach of their AI developments. This session will explore the practical tools and models that can be used in order to build trustable and reliable AI systems for health.


Conclusions & Closing


Julien Venne Director Digital Health Observatory


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