TempID´s Smart Thermometer Takes Body Temperature Measuring to a Whole New Level

28 October 2020

Measuring body temperature with a regular thermometer is yesterday: TempID, the member of Connected Health Cluster, offers an innovative hard- and software solution that measures and records body temperature.

With the help of AI4Diag and thanks to pilot-build of health-data collection algorithms, TempID took the measuring of body temperature to a whole new level.

During the last two years, Science Park Tehnopol has been one of the partners of AI4Diag project to raise the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises. AI4Diag unites different European clusters that contribute to disease prevention and prediction, using the potential of diagnostics technologies based on artificial intelligence (AI).

The Head of Connected Health Cluster Ms Piret Hirv says that the use of new technologies, especially of AI, is both time-consuming and money intensive.

“We see daily that small enterprises are the ones that struggle the most with introducing new technologies. Projects like AI4Diag enable such smart organisations to co-produce solutions and speed up the process of their introduction to healthcare,” claims Ms Hirv.

All the project partners had a possibility to combine and converge their technologies with AI and machine learning with the end goal of improving their products and increasing their marketing potential. During the project an inter-cluster co-operation format was jointly developed. It included seminars, AI thematic workshops, international matchmaking and 5 accelerations of pilot projects.

According to the board member of TempID Mr Mihkel Tedremaa AI4Diag speeded up their work (development, introduction, and testing) remarkably.

“The number of different data sources that generate necessary data for the improvement of AI, which help to test the efficiency of the models, rose four times compared to earlier,” said Tedremaa.

Participation in the project helped them to get new sectoral contacts that could materialise in potential future co-operation once the necessary measures become available.

“Even if the discussions do not lead to any co-operation, we are still richer both in contacts and in experience and Estonia has once again proved to be one of the innovators in health tech,” added Tedremaa.  

AI4Diagnostics project contributes to the progress of enterprises, helps to involve investments, and enables to formulate a long-term co-operation strategy for the modernization and internationalization of the industry. The consortium of the project included 5 partners. Tehnopol’s partners were Eurobiomed (France), Flanders.bio (Belgium), Arahealth (Spain) and Fondazione Toscana Life Sciences (Italy).

The project is financed by EU COSME program (Competitiveness for Small and Medium Enterprises). https://ai4diag.eu/en.

Article Source: https://www.tehnopol.ee/en/tempids-smart-thermometer-takes-body-measuring-to-a-whole-new-level/

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