Telehealth and telecare in Slovenia ​

10 July 2018

Ljubljana, 26 June – A year ago Telekom Slovenije launched its E-care service enabling elderly to stay home for a longer time. The adoption among the population is now increasing, and the service has raised the attention of several EU countries. 20 municipalities in Slovenia, or about 10% of all, have already joined the project to enable subsidised access of the service to its citizens.

The event held on 26th in Ljubljana was intended as an overview of telehealth and telecare services in Slovenia as well as a joint conference with the representatives of the Government of the Republic of Cyprus from the Ministry of Health and the Nicosia Development Agencies, during the working visit to Slovenia.

The highlight of the event was the round table with the representatives of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, the Health Insurance Fund of Slovenia, the University Clinical Center Ljubljana and the representatives of the municipalities, where they discussed the effects and the need for introducing health and care services at a national level. 

According to experts, these services should be accessible to all citizens of the Republic of Slovenia, so that they would not be dealt with only within the framework of health care or social institutions. Abroad, where these services are accessible to all citizens, the costs of emergency services and outpatient and hospital treatment have decreased from 22 to 32%.

The event was co-organised by Telekom Slovenije, the Development Center of the Heart of Slovenia, which coordinates the international project on the home care of HoCare in Slovenia,, an association of innovative companies that develops healthcare solutions and services, and ECHAlliance, an organization that brings together stakeholders from the field of digital solutions in health care.

“Integrated and long-term solutions are and important piece in the puzzle of health and care of any modern nation. Together with our partners, we are developing top-notch infrastructure and internationally recognizable telehealth and telecare services. They allow these users to live longer and safer lives at home, provide timely treatment and empowerment with their active participation in managing chronic diseases, better treatment outcomes, less complications and greater effectiveness in preventing fatalities. The introduction of these services at the state level in Slovenia and abroad will ensure a more rational use of resources for health and social care,” said Peter Pustatičnik, Head of eHealth and e-Servies in Telekom Slovenije.

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