Solve.Care Stands With Ukraine

23 March 2022

Solve.Care Team is currently on the ground in Western Ukraine, working with local city authorities to support families displaced by the war and seeking refuge in Western Ukraine and neighboring countries

Here is what Solve.Care Team on the ground in Ukraine is doing

1. We are converting gyms, schools, churches, and government buildings into shelters. We have already secured and converted two gyms into 109-bed shelter.

2. We are providing necessities such as a safe sleeping space, food, blankets, beds, and personal hygiene products.

3. Very importantly, the Solve.Care Team has set up a supply chain to bring in supplies from Poland, Romania, and Hungary.

We have a lot of support locally

We are not doing this alone. We have received TREMENDOUS support from local authorities, volunteers and even people who were displaced themselves. They all want to help. Safety is an issue, but volunteers are ready and willing regardless of risks. It is about humanity banding together to fight barbarity.

We are doing this because we can, and we must

Solve.Care is not an NGO or a government organization. We are an IT company, and we have a very capable team on the ground who wants to support their beloved homeland. And the team has the resourcefulness and organizational skills to implement this quickly and effectively.

Our three simple principles

Families who need help are NOT helpless. They are competent, capable humans with families of children and young adults. Many are professionals like you. A week ago, they had plans for summer vacation in Barcelona or Berlin. Now they are escaping missiles and bombs. They need our help, not pity. So, we adopted these principles:

1. Ukrainian families are NOT refugees in their own country. They are displaced by war, but they are still in Ukraine, in their homeland, among their own people.

2. We will not allow anyone to become a label. We will refer to everyone using their name.

3. We are here to provide shelter, necessities, and time to decide what to do next.

If you want to help Ukraine, then please help now

Number of people in desperate need is growing every day, as hundreds of thousands are being displaced by this insane war. We need more resources so that we can support a lot more families and set up more shelters in the south-west of Ukraine, near the borders of Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland.

Every cent you choose to give will be used for housing and feeding families

No middlemen, no administration costs or overhead, (we are a blockchain company after all).

Be careful. Don’t send funds to wrong place or entities or addresses

ARPI, a non-profit in Washington DC (, has agreed to handle donations such that your donations from the US can be tax deducted as appropriate. ARPI is supporting this initiative without any fee, commission, or cost. Thank you Dr. Randall.

To donate go to or you can contact us at [email protected].

The biggest reward for all of us is when we see smiles on faces of kids who lost their homes, because they feel safe and among people who care about them again:

Discover more about Solve.Care:

Solve.Care is a global healthcare IT company, part of our team is located in Ukraine. In collaboration with the local authorities in two weeks we have set up 7 Care Shelters in Western Ukraine for families displaced by war. Thousands of people keep coming daily to Western Ukraine from the whole country, some of them have to sleep on chairs, because there are not enough beds. We also work with our partners to organize fast food and medicine supply to Ukraine. Humanitarian crisis is growing, so speed of delivery is crucial now.

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