Social Care Investment in Africa

7 May 2021

First social care investment in Kenya by James Mbatia Kinuthia born 1981, who grew up in outskirts of Nairobi in Kibiku Village. Founder at Sj Remedial Homes for the Aged Kenya .

Joined care sector in year 2001, a graduate in Clinical Medicine and Community Health Year 2010 certified in Geriatrics and Gerontology at International Institute on Ageing UN-MALTA.

In 2014 I was lucky to be able to serve the needy elderly in our local villages and there was a care need especially for those who needed  extra care, prompting me set up a first pilot project care centre for the self-paying & the needy, new business model in our local communities which seems to work. 

Communities have embraced the project six years down the line, due to the enormous potentials to intervene on gaps of care especially post covid-19 rehabilitation, rights and welfare of Older Adults, it showcases a Business opportunity, Long life span for the old people, increases middle income class in Kenya, Awareness by the working class that they have no time to care of their elderly, the breakdown of the African  extended family structures/mechanism that used to support the elderly, enhancement of Government initiative programs to  support the elderly ( Cash transfer, Free health care), promotes considerations of insurance packages for Older Adults and enhance Elderly long term care savings.

Now also a center for demonstration, training and learning with valid indicators in Healthy Ageing, Active Agieng, longevity and Social Health.

Currently caring for over 20 Older Adults in this program, assisted in Activities of daily living, group activities, medical check ups, scaled Nutrition guide, chaplaincy, exercises, appointment follow ups by their physicians, guiding relatives on care and care plans and enhancing social intergenerational programs.

James Mbatia Kinuthia, Sj Remedial Homes|Owner
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