SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS on the #DigitalHealthEurope survey on data-sharing governance!

6 May 2020

Tell us what you know and think about your health data – who can access it, how would you share it, and for what purposes


DigitalHealthEurope (DHE) has just launched a survey on data sharing governance –

With only 5 questions to the survey, we want to reach over 500 European citizens and understand what are your thoughts and opinions on:

  • WHO can access my data?
  • With WHOM and HOW would I share it?
  • For WHAT purposes would I be available to provide it?

Your opinion is extremely important to us!

DHE works on citizen-controlled data governance and data sharing and will:

  • Publish an extensive review on the relevant initiatives and models on data-sharing governance, with a particular focus on European initiatives, such as health data cooperatives, where citizens are directly in control of their personal data.
  • Provide recommendations, including guidelines on implementing a successful data-sharing campaign.
  • Gather together key recommendations and key messages that may guide future data governance future policies and implementation initiatives.

What is the timeline to complete the survey?

7th May

#DHE2020 DigitalHealthEurope is a Coordination and Support Action to the European Commission, exploring how to best support digital health and care services in Europe, by providing a set of recommendations to the European Commission. The ECHAlliance is one of the 17 partners from 10 European countries that form the project consortium, coordinated by empirica.

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