SHAPES Horizon 2020 open funding calls for organisations to integrate their solutions in a large EU ecosystem

15 December 2020

The SHAPES open calls aim to promote innovation by identifying challenges within the SHAPES pilot sites and inviting SME’s and all EU organisations that are eligible to EC funding under the rules of H2020 to meet these challenges with innovative solutions that can be integrated in the SHAPES Platform in support of active and healthy ageing and independent living. The SHAPES open calls provide opportunities for organisations to integrate their solutions in a large ecosystem at European level.

What are the challenges?

The SHAPES pilots have identified a number of challenges that applicants are invited to propose solutions for. They include the following;

SHAPES-OC1- Enablers-ST1Urinalysis in home setting
SHAPES-OC1- Enablers-ST2Monitoring of nutrition intake
SHAPES-OC1- Enablers-ST3Monitoring hydration and quantity of fluid intake
SHAPES-OC1- Enablers-STSmart Connectables for Health and well being
SHAPES-OC1- Enablers-ST5Speech-enabled Chatbots
SHAPES-OC1- Enablers-ST6Social support in local community
SHAPES-OC1- Enablers-ST7Open Topic

There is also an open topic in which applicants are invited to suggest innovative solutions that can extend the current capabilities of the SHAPES platform. Greater detail on all topics can be found in SHAPES-OC1-Enablers – Technical Details.pdf

Who should apply?

European Industry, SMEs, start-ups, universities, research and technology centres that can illustrate how their solutions can meet the challenges outlined in OC1. Every participant must be legally registered in a member state of the European Union or in a Horizon 2020 associated country. Details on eligibility criteria can be found in SHAPES-OC1-Enablers – Eligibility Criteria.pdf.

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