Seeking patients and caregivers for paid online focus groups and interviews

25 October 2022

Patient in Focus is assisting in the creation of a new and innovative digital platform to connect patients (and caregivers) with others with similar health challenges for conversation and support.

To ensure the platform meets patient needs, the technical innovator wishes to gain in-depth understanding of patient and caregiver needs and perspectives through an online focus group and caregiver interviews. By participating, you (or someone you know) can help shape this tool.

We are therefore looking to connect with patients or caregivers to patients who have or are experiencing heart failure, cardio-renal disease (heart and kidney disease), taking anticoagulant medicine to prevent strokes and heart attacks, or suffering from any type of cancer.

All selected participants will be compensated for their time.

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Patient in Focus is an international, disease neutral, nonprofit patient organization based in Europe. Built by patients for patients. Patient in Focus provides the opportunity to make a difference for yourself and others by being a voice with healthcare professionals, researchers, industry, academics etc. We do this through patient engagement, counseling, and a strong patient community, where we can create life-changing purpose and quality of life despite chronic illness, pain, and disabled.

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