Search for Innovation Playbooks/Toolkits/How-to-guides

2 March 2021

An NHS Innovation Steering Group, established by NHS Chairs/CEO’s and Scottish Government, are developing and implementing an enhanced system for innovation across Health and Social Care.

A part of this work entails developing an Innovation Playbook “with all the pieces and parts that make it the ‘go-to-approach’ toolkit for Innovation within Health and Social Care in Scotland“.

A search is underway to identify any best practice examples or similar playbook products delivered within this space, either in Health & Social Care or other domains, whose processes might be applicable in Health & Social Care, both nationally and internationally.

Is this applicable to your Playbook: “A brilliant idea/product /service for an innovation is presented to Health and Care. What are the key steps and processes to be worked through to accelerate this innovation forward through to implementation?” If yes, please send a link or a copy to [email protected] as soon as possible. Thank you!

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