Scaling up the ValueCare Results in a Global Context -event follow up

21 April 2023

This month, Project ValueCare opened itself up to the world by hosting a roundtable discussion organised by ECHAlliance

This event aimed to:

  1. Share a background and exclusive updates on Project ValueCare achievements. 
  2. Promote a meaningful discussion on Value Based Health Care (VBHC) and the ValueCare solution capacity to meet user needs in real-life scenarios while embracing an open approach to external inputs and feedback. 
  3. Connect the project with the ECHAllinace’s global network of ecosystems and members, reaching out to different global stakeholders to build awareness of ValueCare’s project outcomes, and to build interest in the uptake of the project’s results.

More specifically, two guest speakers from the project, Oscar Zanutto from ISRAA and Oscar Mayora from FBK,  spoke on the following topics: (1) the challenge addressed and what does it mean value based healthcare in terms of methodology in the framework of ValueCare, and (2) the technical solutions developed by ValueCare in support to the implementation of the value based health healthcare approach. 

This session aimed  to promote multidisciplinary and collaborative dialogue on the matter, and as such, simultaneously collected meaningful insights and feedback from different EU and non-EU countries and regions  to help identify potential gaps and opportunities for the prospective market of the ValueCare project. Following the open innovation model, this forum for receiving feedback aimed to provide a holistic and overarching framework of knowledge sharing and needs-driven implementation.

The participants spoke for multiple continents and disciplines – notably representing a multidisciplinary voice showcasing fields such as digital health, academia, dentistry, healthcare innovation, health tech, non-profit, NGOs, social and healthcare, and more.  

General feedback showcased the challenges that must be considered regarding the differing international policy frameworks and relating obstacles  which impact the way that private vs. public sector healthcare is administered. Additionally, continued need for increased awareness on VBHC, the importance of preventative healthcare, and de-stigmatisation on aging requiring a collaborative approach alongside behaviour-change marketing and communication specialists. Also, a bottom-up approach was emphasised as a key factor for making sustainable, regional change, first and foremost. When asked about the “ideal vision for VBHC in the future,” the participants highlighted a need for equitable services, solutions that are not only evidence-based, but also data-driven, and an overall increased awareness from all stakeholder groups of a new value chain where persons are the not only at the centre, but also take appropriate responsibility and ownership on their own health in proactive ways, with investments reflecting accordingly. 

For more info on Project ValueCare, feel free to visit their website, social media (Twitter and LinkedIn), or contact them by email at [email protected]

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