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29 June 2020

Technology has improved many areas of modern life, but has yet to realise its full potential in the housing sector, and related health and care services. As BT has announced its intention to complete its upgrade of the nation’s phone network from analogue to IP by 2025, providers have a limited timeframe to explore the exciting opportunities presented by digital technologies, and work with a technology partner who can offer trusted, best-in-class, future proof solutions.

Tunstall has been at the forefront of technology innovation for health, housing and social care for over 60 years, pioneering solutions which empower residents in a range of settings to live safer, more fulfilled lives. We deliver hundreds of developments every year, working with our customers from initial specifi cation through project design, delivery, installation and ongoing maintenance. We provide a single point of contact for a full portfolio of standardscompliant technology and services.

Based on our industry-leading Communicall architecture, we help users maintain their independence while supporting active, enriched lifestyles in a shared environment.

Our Solutions

From ‘near real time’ solution connectivity, smart data and managed services to monitoring and support. IP connected technology offers benefits to healthcare providers, families, carers and medical professionals.

With our work across care and health, we empower people to take an active role in managing their care. This connected approach helps provide the appropriate level of proactive support to deliver services fit for the future.

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The Digital Journey

With BT, our national telecoms infrastructure provider, announcing that by 2025 everyone will have been moved from analogue to IP voice telephone services, the UK’s switch to digital is inevitable and imminent.

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Contract Us

Tunstall’s head office is based in Yorkshire, UK, and the company operates in over 30 countries around the world.

Approximately 2,000 people are employed globally, 615 of these in the UK.

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