Reimagine Community Health Challenge

3 February 2022

The initiative run by Ashoka and The Johnson & Johnson Foundation is looking for innovators in community health in Europe – system entrepreneurs who are passionate about improving health outcomes within their communities by delivering person-centered solutions. Together they are committed to identifying and supporting the most promising new models for creating healthy communities. They are particularly interested in solutions that make novel health interventions, improve health equity and/or strengthen community governance and agency.  

All winners (up to 8) will receive a prize award of €50,000 each, build the first-of-its kind network of community health innovators in Europe. Winners will also be invited to explore the opportunity of a long term partnership with the J&J Foundation.  They will have the chance to embark on a tailored learning journey with their peers, Ashoka and The Johnson & Johnson Foundation to enhance their scaling strategy, advocacy work, and collective impact on their way to achieve a system change. 

Apply by 28 February. 

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