Refugees Can Book Free Visit in Ukrainian, Russian, English and more

7 April 2022

In response to the growing needs of people coming to Poland from Ukraine, fleeing the war, Telemedi – Digital Health Platform and Doctoralia España have launched the “Doctors for Ukraine” platform. 

With the “Doctors for Ukraine” platform,  people who need medical help are connected to specialists who can provide it free of charge

To get help – follow the steps below:

1. Go to the websites: or

2. Book a free visit in Ukrainian, Russian, or English + local languages in PL or GER.

3. In Poland, you can also book via the call centre:

– Ukrainian/Russian-speaking consultants: 8-16 (Mon-Fri), 22 357 40 40

– English-speaking consultants: 7-23 (Mon-Fri) and 8-20 (Sat-Sun), 22 357 45 35

4. You only need your passport number to get a prescription

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