Recordings available – The Global Connector Health Partnership (GHCP) Summit at ATA2022

23 May 2022

We want to thank our partner ATA for the great welcome that ECHAlliancde received in Boston and the inspirational event they organised. 

The GHCP Summit hosted a session under the theme: Globally Targeting Health Inequalities, Digital Health Skills and Health Data, where speakers from Africa, India, UK and the USA, shared solutions to shared problems.

Watch the recording of the session now:

Andy Bleaden, our Community Director participated in a panel discussion “Updates and Insights from the ATA’s Disparities Advisory Group” where  the speakers showcased latest work and insights from select “boots on the ground” perspectives from the group – in addressing persistent inequities and disparities within their own institutions – providing real insights into what all of us might do in our own institutions to move this forward.

Watch the recording of the session now:

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