ProMedica Innovations: Where Great Ideas Grow

27 May 2022

ProMedica Innovations working in Ohio and Michigan in the US to grow healthcare innovation, develop companies, and partner to make lives better.

ProMedica is a not-for-profit, mission-based health and well-being organization working to create a strong, more cohesive approach to delivering care at the right place, right time, and right cost. ProMedica has more than 50,000+ employees, 13 hospitals and 900 employed physicians and advanced practice providers.  ProMedica has a bold vision to improve the health and well-being of people and whole communities by developing, scaling, and advocating for social determinants of health, championing healthy aging, and cultivating innovation. 

ProMedica Innovations engages with entrepreneurs as a startup partner, providing capital, access to clinical and operational expertise, and connections to a robust resource network to help launch emerging technologies. ProMedica Innovations has the capability to assess, develop, and commercialize new medical technologies or implement existing technologies in the market already to improve patient care.  In 2021, ProMedica established the seed-stage ProMedica Ventures Innovation Fund III to serve as a financial catalyst and strategic partner for digital health, medical device, advanced healthcare, advanced materials, and agriculture tech in our communities.

Through joining the ECHAlliance, ProMedica Innovations would like to partner with other companies interested in solving the disparities in healthcare accessibility and expanding the accessibility of novel healthcare solutions & technologies to improve the patient experience. We are looking for the latest technologies on the market to both improve today’s health and well-being care delivery and identify trends of the future. If you would like to reach out to us, please feel free to contact Clint Steigerwalt at [email protected]

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