Expanding Digital Health through a pan-European EHRxF-based Ecosystem

Programme: HORIZON-HLTH-2022-IND-13-05
Duration: 01/01/2023 – 31/12/2024

Scope and objectives

The overall aim of XpanDH is to prepare, support and empower individuals and organisations to be ready to adopt the European electronic health record exchange format (EEHRxF) via an established network of networks and a vibrant ecosystem.

The scope of this project is to:

  • Build on the outcomes of activities and projects related to the EEHRxF recommendation, establishing and sustaining a scalable public infrastructure for digital health innovation based on the EEHRxF principles and the functional and technical specifications of its information domains (i.e., medical imaging, discharge letters, laboratory results, etc.).
  • Demonstrate feasibility of real-life interoperable digital solutions for use by individuals, researchers, health services and the workforce across borders in the EU Digital Single Market by leveraging the above EEHRxF-based infrastructure.
  • Establish and sustain a Pan-European ecosystem of digital health stakeholders by promoting and ensuring adoption of the EEHRxF-based infrastructure, involving both supply and demand sides, reinforcing collaboration and networking among the different actors working on digital health innovation across Europe around that infrastructure, and more particularly, ensuring strong involvement and coordination at the governance level with the national authorities and Ministries represented in the eHealth Network and the eHealth agencies underneath it.
  • Create and validate a framework to enable further exploitation of the public infrastructure for digital health innovation, including its terms of reference, governance and operations rules and procedures, as well as support for capacity-building such as training material, guidelines, mentorship and collaboration/twinning programs for designers, developers, healthcare professionals, policymakers, SMEs, etc.

ECHAlliance role

ECHAlliance is the Communications & Dissemination Manager of XpanDH, leading work package 7 Dissemination & Outreach. Tasks include executing actions related to communications & dissemination, outreach & stakeholder engagement, and concertation activities.


The consortium will thrive on past and ongoing eHealth interoperability projects and services, and particularly on the X-eHealth and DigitalHealthEurope project recommendations, through digital health data activism and strong patient engagement.

It brings together 26 partners under a co-creation and co-implementation concept, supported by a Policy Board. To expand its impact, 10 XpandDH networks of hundreds of health stakeholders will be nurtured to form a vibrant pan-European (Digital) Health space converging on common, usable, and reliable tools for real interoperable services that adoption of the EEHRxF and enhance healthcare cooperation for better health towards a European Health Union.

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