Trillium Bridge II - Reinforcing the Bridges and Scaling up EU/US Cooperation on Patient Summary

Programme: Horizon 2020, GA 727745
Duration: 01/01/2017-30/06/2019 (30 months)


Trillium-II continued the efforts of Trillium Bridge to achieve progress on its recommended actions and advance adoption of the International patient summary supported by broadly and consistently implemented standards. Starting point for Trillium-II was establishing its global community fostering the practice of digital health innovation. Concrete community actions aimed to bridge, harmonize, evaluate and guide existing and emerging patient summary initiatives, leading the way toward one international patient summary standard.
Basically, the project aimed to:

  • Improve international interoperability of Health systems in Europe, the United States, and globally
  • Accelerate adoption of interoperability standards in eHealth with validated open source interoperability assets and tools sharing experiences and lessons learned among standards organizations and patient initiatives
  • Identify key use cases for secure, seamless sharing of patient summaries at personal and population levels.

Scope and objectives

Trillium II:

  • Highlighted the social value of IPS standards.
  • Bridged IPS initiatives with validated interoperability assets, sharing lessons learned with SDOs
  • Contributed to IPS Standards Governance under the JIC
  • Developed, Collected and Assessed IPS Learning resources
  • Engaged mobile Health companies and app developers with IPS standards
  • Fostered innovation & informed health policy sharing IPS.

Trillium-II worked with the workforce action, EU and US SDO platforms, large scale eHealth deployments, and emergency readiness exercises, to increase actionable interoperability of health systems in Europe the US and globally, nurturing innovation and fuelling creativity with effective use of standards and interoperability.

ECHAlliance role

ECHAlliance was involved in WP4 Context, role and adoption of the International Patient Summary in the global ecosystem and WP7 Dissemination, Market Outreach and Sustainability, leading the tasks 7.3 Study instruments of innovative procurement for patient summary standards and 7.4 Explore business models for patient summary standards adoption in mHealth apps.


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