Professional Development Award (PDA) in Technology Enabled Care

7 September 2020

A NES-led qualification design team has worked with the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) to create a new award to support the development of a skilled health and social care workforce who are confident to work and help people in today’s digital society.

The Technology Enabled Care, Professional Development Award (PDA) at SCQF Level 7 is equivalent to an Advanced Higher or HNC academic qualification. It replaces the previous Level 6 Telehealthcare Award and builds on its structure and content tailored for those already working in Technology Enabled Care.

The new Award offers an optional unit, Using Digital Technology to Support People in Health, Housing and Care. This will be of interest to people who:

  • are completely new to digital health and care
  • have an interest in this area but are not yet working in this field
  • are working in this area who want to further develop and advance their knowledge, skills and abilities in this ever-changing field of practice.

The cross-sector expertise of the qualification design team has ensured the Award is contemporary and represents an integrated approach to support people to self-manage their health and wellbeing.

Find out more about the PDA in Technology Enabled Care at the SQA website or contact [email protected].

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