Pneumolight 2022 is launched: The world will to light up on November 12 World Pneumonia Day

1 February 2022

The Worldwide Pneumonia Awareness Campaign- Pneumolight is committed to increasing the visibility of pneumonia worldwide and to raising public awareness of its risks.

On 12th November, Pneumolight is inviting all authorities, organizations and the general public to help us to increase visibility to pneumonia worldwide.

Increasing the visibility of pneumonia will allow us to educate the public and spread scientifically-proven data on this disease. Worldwide, 700,000 children die from pneumonia annually more than from any other infectious disease that affects children younger than 5 years.

Under the slogan “Pneumonia Affects Everyone”, the Worldwide Pneumonia Awareness Campaign- Pneumolight 2022, which aims to raise awareness about pneumonia, has so far achieved the support of 42 countries and 228 monuments will be illuminated worldwide to mark the World Pneumonia Day on November 12. The coordinator of the global campaign Dr. Catia Cilloniz pneumonia researcher at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona calls on all authorities and people who have the possibility to  illuminate a monument  or  who wish to join and support this global campaign that aims to give greater visibility to pneumonia, that is the single biggest infectious killer of adults and children – claiming the lives of 2.5 million, including 672,000 children, in 2019, contact with us to the email [email protected].

In our pneumonia campaign 2020 we achieved to illuminate 252 monuments across 52 countries worldwide, giving us the opportunity to increase visibility about pneumonia and share educational material about the diagnosis and prevention of this disease.

This year 2022 Pneumolight is more than ever committed to continue raising awareness about pneumonia and also giving visibility to World Pneumonia Day that is marked on November 12 each year. If there is a world day, it is that there is a world problem and we must all support each other to create solutions.This is why we invite all authorities, organizations worldwide to support Pneumolight and help us illuminate monuments worldwide to give visibility to this global problem.  

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NEUMOAI is committed to increasing the visibility of pneumonia worldwide and to raising public awareness of its risks, through education.

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