Patient in Focus: Knowledge, Access and Method of early patient engagement

28 April 2022

Patients in Focus creates a safe and inclusive framework where the individual is listened to and where patients can learn from each other’s experiences and help each other.

Patient in Focus works for early patient engagement, so that patients’ unique perspectives, knowledge and experiences come actively and relevantly into play, to develop a society that is inclusive towards people with chronic illnesses, pain, and disabilities.

Patient in Focus assists patients in leading lives of quality by providing them information and tools for success. We include patients in patient engagements where the patient perspective can be of great value and help them find clinical trials they can join. We build relationships on trust and real connections and work with all types of patients and their relatives and caregivers.

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Patient in Focus is an international, nonprofit disease neutral patient organization built by patients. We collaborate with patients and professionals around patient understanding, engagement, education and community to create a better quality of life.

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