Oxford Brain Diagnostics releases Beta version software tool to interpret MRI images for brain degradation analysis (FDA breakthrough device designation)

26 July 2021

Oxford Brain Diagnostics is currently developing a new software tool (beta version) for the interpretation of MRI images, pulling together current methods (like brain atrophy) with a new measure that analyses brain degradation at a cellular level. 

The company is looking for clinicians (neurologists, old age psychiatrists, radiologists) interested in learning about this novel way of diagnosis that can predict transition from MCI to Alzheimer’s Disease, and has received FDA breakthrough device designation. 

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Oxford Brain Diagnostics Ltd is rethinking how brain health is assessed and managed. Founded in neuropathological and neuroimaging expertise, the company’s patented Cortical Disarray Measurement (CDM®) technology uses MRI brain scan data to support early and differential diagnosis, track progression, and predict the decline of neurodegenerative diseases. Oxford Brain Diagnostics is committed to assessing brain health based on changes in the cellular structure, supporting drug development, and helping clinicians around the world in their fight to defeat Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.

For more information please contact Daniel Kaute, [email protected]

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