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Marking the very end of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union, we brought together our community on 30th June for the launch of our very first Presidency Connector. A great opportunity to discover and dig into our network in France. The document is out now – check it out!

We have launched our French Presidency Connector, a document we have created featuring the excellent work of our French ecosystems and members as well as the activities within our projects from French partners and our wider community who also have strong French Connections.

The Connector was made public at an online session on 30th June, organised in cooperation with our Normandy Pôle TES E-Santé Ecosystem, who were meeting face to face in Rouen, France.

Our ecosystems in Hauts-de-France, Normandy, Bretagne and Paris presented their work as well as one of our members in France, Santé & Médecine, creator of the app YesWeCool.

Thank you all for joining and stay tuned in the coming months for the releases of the Presidency Connectors focusing on the Czech Republic (July-December 2022), Sweden (January-June 2023) and Spain (July-December 2023).

Watch the recording of the launch event below:

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