OneUkraine team kicks off mental health project Tysha to help 2 millions Ukrainians in 2 upcoming years

26 July 2022

We are kicking off our mental health project Tysha in Ukraine. We are starting with stage 1, which is to set 8-10 pilot projects with different protocols and interventions and further assessment checks. Whatever will show the best results, we will scale up in the stage 2 by training therapists of those protocols. We aim to create a platform that will help therapists in Ukraine to find training and for the general public to find a therapist. 
Our strong advisory board guides us with interventions to be implemented, when and where. 
As Ukrainians, we are strongly connected to Ukraine and we are doing our best to reach the goal of helping our own people and society to be treated properly. And not to pass the pain and trauma to the next generations.

Tysha is the project targeted at providing mental health services to more than 2 million Ukrainians over the next 24 months. The project has been developed by OneUkraine, a nonprofit organization created by the Ukrainian team with the support of European tech entrepreneurs.

The project has connected mental health experts from different countries to bring trauma-healing expertise to Ukraine and produce protocols tailored for the Ukrainian environment. Our advisory board includes the most famous experts and organizations in the field of treatment of psychological trauma and PTSD, such as the International Organization for Migration, trauma experts Jack Saul, Esther Perel (New York, USA), and others. 

We target three core directions: 

  • Raising awareness about mental health well-being; 
  • Development of the infrastructure for training the therapists; 
  • Ensuring accessible and efficient mental health services for various types of patients.

Project Tysha works in cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the First Lady of Ukraine office who are leading the project in Ukraine by basically creating a mental health industry in Ukraine.

We are looking for entrepreneurs and companies who want to cooperate with us on the main goal – making mental health support for Ukrainians accessible. Feel free to reach us!

Vlad Bakaliar (Berlin)
+380964331234 (WhatsApp)
[email protected] 

Discover more about OneUkraine:

OneUkraine is an NGO (Berlin based and registered) with european founders and Ukrainian operations and leadership team. We have been working since day 1 of war in Ukraine, evacuated more than 6000 people to Austria, supplied humanitarian aid worth 5m Euro (mainly medication to the hospitals). Now we are setting up a mental health project in Ukraine with the big goal to help and to heal 2 million people in the next 2 years by training therapists the most efficient protocols.

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