Odin Open Innovation

9 March 2023

ODIN is a European project leveraging AI based technology to transform the future of the health care delivery in Leading Hospitals in Europe. Odin’s objective is to attract innovation and open collaboration with the best talent in the search for new formulas that help us turn challenges into opportunities. If you are a healthcare organization, hospital ,startup, SME, industry, technology center, university, or a technical professional, and these are the concepts that define you, immerse yourself in our ecosystem and collaborate with us to work on new, more efficient and sustainable hospital of the future.

Odin’s community offers all its members the opportunity to:

  • Keep up to date with project events and activities.
  • Connect with key players in industries such as healthcare, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and robotics across Europe and on an international level.
  • Opportunities in future calls of ODIN and other H2020 projects.
  • Use our ODIN LinkedIn discussion forum to highlight your organisation’s projects and initiatives related to the main areas of the project.
  • Sharing experiences and know how in digital health with pilots in Europe and expert tech mentors.
  • collaboration through different lines of work, such as: ideation or teambuilding sessions, Lean workshops, lessons learned sessions, etc.

The ODIN Open Innovation Community was created in September 2022 and is growing quickly, as more and more stakeholders hear about the project ambition.

The ODIN community is a network of partners mainly from the healthcare and ICT domains (AI, robotics, IoT) interested in sharing experiences, learning, challenges, services and solutions, good practices and use cases positioning Europe at the forefront of Hospital 4.0 revolution based on highly digitized and robotized health installation. If you want to know more please join us and become a member

Join our next Kick off meeting scheduled by March 14th from 11:00 to 13:00 (CET) Join us

The objective of this meeting is to share with our members

  • How ODIN will lead the transformation towards the Hospital of the future: The ODIN Experiment framework and it’s three pillars: Clinical, Managerial and territorial
  • How the enable technologies based on IoT, Robotics and AI will help to lead this transformation.
  • How the Odin Innovation Community will actively support this transformation through its members.

This is a fantastic opportunity for your organisation to become a key member of the healthcare ecosystem

  • Become a part of the ODIN mature ecosystem at European level.
  • Network with leading organisations in the field of Robotics, AI, IOT, and hospitals with a wealth of experience in carrying out large scale pilot projects.

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