Norway Grants Green ICT programme

14 December 2020

The programme “Green ICT” objective is increased value creation and sustainable growth in Estonia’s private sector. Green ICT aims to stimulate and develop innovation-led long-term business cooperation between Estonia and Norway. For this bilateral cooperation projects are supported to enhance joint business ambitions and innovation. Programme supports projects in three focus areas: Green Industry Innovation, ICT and Welfare Technology.
Support under the section “Welfare technology” specifically aims to contribute to product, service and process developments in ICT and health sector companies.

Areas that can be supported are for example activities to develop new ICT products and services designed in cooperation with the end users:

  • solutions for hospitals, the aim of which is to empower the ecosystem of personalized medicine;
  • solutions for simplifying patients’ journey with the aim of improving the patients’ individual health indicators and quality of life;
  • products and services targeted at collection, standardization and analysis of health data;
  • tools to provide preventive services in primary care through better utilization of data.

Deadline 1st Feb 2021

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