We welcome our new Spain – Basque Health Ecosystem! Read the interview with its ecosystem coordinator

We welcome our new Spain – Basque Health Ecosystem! Read the interview with its ecosystem coordinator
We are very excited to welcome our Basque Health Ecosystem from Spain.
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In the framework of the current Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, we are very excited to welcome our Basque Health Ecosystem from Spain. Read this interview withIdoia Muñoz Lizán, Managing Director at the Basque Health Cluster.

Who are the key stakeholders?

The Basque Health ecosystem stands out for having among others:
• The strategic commitment of the Public Administration. The biosciences and health sector being one of the three RIS3 priorities.
• A solid public health system
• 6 leading private hospitals with 45,000 employees
• 4 Health Research institutes
• More than 20 research centres with more than 2,500 people dedicated to R&D
• An R&D expenditure focused on biotechnology that represents 10% of total national R&D expenditure
• Biotechnology companies of which 60% are less than 10 years old and of which 90% are internationalised
• More than 240 companies in the sector
• The Basque Health Cluster as a center of dynamisation and traction of this ecosystem

Basque Health Cluster encompasses the entire value chain of the sector, representing entities dedicated to: Pharma and Dermo, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, In Vitro Diagnosis, Healthcare, E-Health and complementary services.

Also, these more than 110 associated entities include companies, Research and Investigation Centers and Institutes, Universities and knowledge Centers, Assistance Centers and public administration.

Moreover, the cluster operates as a driving force of the ecosystem, promoting networking and collaboration, as well as acting as an intermediary between all the agents that operate in it, as well as between the public and private sectors.

What are the main objectives of your ecosystem?

The Basque Health Cluster’s mission is to contribute to the development, growth and internationalisation of associated companies through the configuration of a differential value proposal that drives their competitive improvement, promotes dynamic cooperation between the different agents in the field of Biosciences and Health in the Basque Country and encourages interaction with other sectors.

Why did you join the ECHAlliance Network of Ecosystems?

We seek to position ourselves and the Basque region internationally as a reference hub in the health sector, internationalise the Basque health industry, foster the financing of innovative projects, exchange knowledge, develop benchmarking activities, create value relationships and support our start-ups through the ECHAlliance ecosystem and possibilities. We are delighted and open to meet and collaborate.

Who is missing from your ecosystem in terms of stakeholders?

At this point it is worth highlighting that the Basque Health Cluster encompasses stakeholders from the Quadruple Helix: Academic Research, Business, Government and Society.

Furthermore, on the one hand, we are working to continue to expand the active participation of patients in the entire process of both identification of needs and testing and validation of innovative solutions and products. On the other hand, to incorporate other key agents for strengthening our companies (e.g. firms that supply and complement our companies).

Which ecosystems are you looking to collaborate with?

We are delighted and open to meet and cooperate with any ecosystem that shares our values and is open to work collaboratively.


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