New Website for DISH Project Helps Health Professionals Develop Digital Skills & Innovation Readiness

19 July 2022

Erasmus+ project Digital & Innovation Skills Helix (DISH) is proud to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website for health & care professionals. The fresh changes in layout and content represent the project’s aim to offer a user-friendly platform, which different health & care stakeholders can leverage to improve digital skills and innovation readiness in clinical settings. 

What does the new website accomplish?

The website premieres three easy-to-use tools to maximise digital skill competency, innovation readiness, and implementation and change management skills. Conceived as a 3-in-1 approach, these tools help raise the likelihood of health & care professionals adopting eHealth solutions and promising higher-quality patient experiences.

Why would health & care professionals want to use the website? Is it just for doctors and nurses?

DISH provides tested and refined process tools–alongside templates, case studies, and recommendations–to help individuals and teams increase their innovation readiness, digital competencies, and knowledge.

Furthermore, the comprehensive tools include systematic assessment, well-defined training sessions, and multidisciplinary collaboration. This ensures that trainers and learners’ learning process is streamlined and facilitated.

Finally, whilst doctors and nurses benefit from using these tools, DISH may appeal to any individual responsible for innovation, internal competency, and skills development. This means that managers, internal consultants in innovation departments, or digital change officers could find DISH a great option to implement in clinical settings and promote innovation readiness and digital upskilling amongst health & care professionals.

How were these tools developed? 

The creation of these tools stemmed from the diligent efforts of a widespread European consortium to drive a positive impact in care. Each consortium member oversaw a triple helix (similar to a pilot site), and developed and refined tools in a real-life environment to ensure better alignment with the needs and wants of patients and health & care professionals alike. Learnings gained and training materials/templates created were then made available in technical support documents presented before the European Commission (on the current website). 

Are the tools simple to use?

Yes! The website underwent these significant changes to focus on the most relevant information and enhance overall user experience. The project outlined a series of Frequently Asked Questions for each of the three tools to address any possible concerns or doubts arising during their usage.

Also, the tools boast clear-cut directions and guidelines, visual cues, and intuitive directionality. This means that users will know where they are, what to expect next, and how best to prepare. 

How do I begin?

To explore the website and start using the tools, simply click here

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