New Project focuses on AI-solutions in the Danish and German elderly care

3 August 2022

Elderly care in both Germany and Denmark is under unprecedented pressure because of the lack of employees and the rising demands. A new project is now set to gather knowledge and experience about the challenges and potentials in elderly care across the Danish-German border. The project is set to build a strong foundation for the implementation of the potential use of technology and data-driven solutions in homecare.

The project should be driven by direct needs

The Danish-German network, Care-AI Network, is currently working on an application for a project meant to clarify relevant solutions. AI will then be able to support the resource challenges in elderly care across the German-Danish border.

The Danish experiences with digital transformation are meant to inspire in Germany, and the strong competencies from the German corporate world and research environment within digitalization shall be unfolded.

The Chief Consultant in the development alliance between the South Denmark region and the state of Slesvig-Holsten, Simon Faber, is looking forward to the upcoming project within Care-AI.

“It is interesting to have a project that can establish contact between the sectors in the two regions. There are a lot of competencies that should not be underestimated. The challenges elderly care will experience in the future need operational activities directly driven by the actual needs”, states Simon Faber amongst other things.

Aabenraa Municipality will be missing 500 employees in 2030

And the need for new solutions to support the lack of employees IS big. Both Germany and Denmark experience challenges in attracting qualified employees to elderly organizations. There will be a lack of 148 social-health workers and 60 social-welfare assistants solely in Aabenraa Municipality. In 2030 the municipality will be missing more than 500 employees within the two educations, states Theresa Bahnsen Jepsen, Development consultant within digital health and welfare technology in Aabenraa municipality.

Focus on technology to improve educations

The upcoming project derives from the Danish-German network called AI-Care led by University College Absalon and Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Digitale Wirtschaft Schleswig-Holstein, PCT digital GmbH, and Danish Life Science Cluster as partners.

Discover more about the Danish Life Science Cluster:

Danish Life Science Cluster is the national cluster in Denmark for life science and welfare technology.

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