New joint research within Vaasa Welfare Technology Ecosystem

25 November 2020

Research collaboration strengthens

Vaasa Welfare Technology Ecosystem has recently started a research collaboration project between two universities; Åbo Akademi University and University of Vaasa as well as two universities of applied sciences; Novia University of Applied Sciences and VAMK University of Applied Sciences. It is a long awaited step forward and it is great that the collaborators have found a common ground within the framework of the ecosystem. In addition, there are plans to continue the collaboration with Vaasa Hospital District.

The freshly started project in Ostrobothnia Welfare region

At this very moment, the collaborators are working on an application to start a joint research regarding improving access to welfare services by co-creation and innovative digital solutions for the Ostrobothnia welfare region. The idea is to improve welfare services by developing, implementing and evaluating new welfare services based on digital solutions co-created with stakeholders. The purpose of this would be to advance knowledge and the science on digital welfare services but also to provide evidence-based recommendations on safe, user-centered and co-created digital welfare services.

The start of the research collaboration is funded by City of Vaasa.

Members of the Vasa Welfare Technology Ecosystem

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