New AI to Tackle Health Data Interoperability

18 August 2021
logo for artificial intelligence company

Semantic Interoperability in healthcare has been one of the most difficult health data sharing issues in the sector. A new AI company in Luxembourg now offers affordable, accessible and highly sophisticated AI to help hospitals, health insurers and health data holders to align health record contents and make them machine-readable.

Dynaccurate SARL is a new artificial intelligence company based in Luxembourg, co-founded by Dermot Doyle and Dr. Silvio Cardoso. Their core product, Dynaccurate AI, is semantic web AI that can align various terminology and vocabulary forms that continuously change. By doing this, the AI keeps data sources aligned and machine-readable, both over time and across different databases. Evolving clinical terminology is a perfect use case, being difficult to manage and keep up to date, yet vital for machine readability and data sharing.

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