NeedleSmart develop DVS (Digital Vaccination System) to digitise vaccination processes details to the Cloud

1 February 2021

NeedleSmart is market leading, patented technology engineered in the UK. The NeedleSmart Pro device takes a hypodermic needle at the point of use, heats it to over 1,300 degrees Celsius and compresses it into a ball. It takes just a fraction of a second to convert a sharp needle into a sterile sphere of metal.

The process can contribute to the reduction of Needle Stick Injuries and their consequential costs as well as having the potential to reduce the cost and increase efficiency of used needle disposal. 

NeedleSmart’s DVS (Digital Vaccination System) digitalises the vaccination process with every detail being automatically recorded in the Cloud. Global Vaccination Programmes demand a scale, speed and compliance level that challenges current vaccination protocols; therefore, DVS is made up of 4 elements that combine to produce a seamless, secure system for digitalising vaccination data. These elements are the NeedleSmart App, NeedleSmart Unit, NeedleSmart Scanner and Cloud-based database.

DVS gathers 4 key elements of data:

– Who administered the vaccine?

– Who was vaccinated?

– What vaccine did they receive?

– When where they vaccinated?

Compressing the needle with the NeedleSmart device also significantly reduces the needle footprint leading to a minimum of 50% increase in needle count per sharps bin. Employing the NeedleSmart Pro’s unique data generation capability means you can also update electronic patient record information in real-time and manage your sharps inventory through an automatic re-ordering process.

Recently, Wirral-based nurse training company My Nurses Life (MNL) have been gifted a NeedleSmart Pro device to aid the training of their nurses, ensuring they are ahead of the game in using our innovative, digital needle destruction devices. Dalya Titus, the lead assessor at MNL, said;

“We are delighted that NeedleSmart have given us one of their fantastic devices so that we can train our students in their use. Over three million needle stick injuries occur globally each year, including 100,000 in the UK. This device will completely eliminate that risk.” She also added; “We have already started training our pre-registered nurses in using the device. It is a very simple and highly effective appliance to use.”

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