ECHAlliance Group membership gives you access to tools, resources and facilities to boost your networks and drive improvement in health and social care.

What We Can Do For You

Public & Not for ProfitEntrepreneurs*NEW*
Connected Hospitals / Education & Research / Agencies / Networks
Small Company
Medium CompanyLarge CompanyFoundation Partner*NEW*
Strategic Partnership
Free1,000 €1,000 €1,500 €3,000 €6,000 €10,000 €Tailored service as monthly subscription
ParametersTurnover up to €500kTurnover between €500k and €1mTurnover between €1m and €2mTurnover €2m+Services are available either as standalone items or as an add-on to your existing membership
Promote your organisation
Promote your news and innovationXXXXX
Showcase your project case studies, assessment results, business opportunities, publications etcXXXXX
Promote your events on our ECHAlliance events calendarXXXXX
Promote your organisation to other members of our community XXXXX
Share your videos on ECHAlliance social media channels (restrictions apply)XXXXX
*NEW* Increase your audience via our social mediaXXXXXXX
Access to ECHAlliance eventsXXXXXXX
Access to partners eventsXXXXX
Speaking slots opportunities to promote your organisationXXXXX
Pop-up exhibition opportunities during international eventsX
Discount rate in ECHAlliance events and partners events XXXXXXX
Sponsorship opportunities at key ECHAlliance events XXXXXXX
*NEW* Priority partner presence at our key events X
Feature your organisation in our monthly newsletterXXXXXXX
Receive the monthly ECHAlliance newsletter and publications XXXXXXX
*NEW* Priority programme of news and showcasing opportunities X
Promote your organisation through webinar X
Participate in ECHAlliance webinarsXXXXXXX
*NEW* Develop bespoke webinars targeting your innovation
Access to our International Network of Ecosystems
Participate in all ecosystems meetings/events (150+ per year)XXXXXXX
Access to regional leaders in each ecosystemXXXXX
Support and guidance to establish to an ecosystemXXXXXXX
Speaking slots opportunities to promote your organisation (Where possible)XXXXX
Pop-up exhibition during ecosystem events (Where possible)XXXXX
*NEW* Targeting methodology to access priority ecosystems
Access to our International Working Groups
Meet the expertsXXXXX
Share knowledge and best practicesXXXXX
Participate in collective publicationsXXXXX
*NEW* Opportunities to support and sponsor international working groups
Meet innovators and grow your network
Smart matchmaking by ECHAlliance teamXXXXX
Access to Intelligence resources (publications, market surveys, articles, technology trends) on our platformXXXXXXX
*NEW* Direct introduction to new market key stakeholders
EU projects, funding and tender support
ECHAlliance as partner of your EU project (dissemination, communication, exploitation, etc)XXXXXXX
Access to opportunities on our platform (tenders, calls of projects, business or partnership opportunities)XXXXXXX
Identify partners and build innovative consortia for EU projects
Prepare your EU projects proposal
*NEW* Direct funding signposting
*NEW* Critical project funding appraisal
*NEW* Funding strategy advice
*NEW* Direct signposting for tender opportunities
*NEW* Critical project tender appraisal
*NEW* Tender strategy advice
Consultancy services
Direct support services for your organisation/project
*NEW* Direct Introduction to companies and procurers
*NEW* Individual Market Analysis
*NEW* Regular review of services

By becoming an ECHAlliance member you can access all the tools, resources and facilities you need to boost your network, driving improvement in health and social care.


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