Meet the Pan African Health Systems Network (PAHESN)

25 November 2021

PAHESN seeks collaboration partners to promote and coordinate evidence-based research on digitalization of primary healthcare services, and implementation strategies targeting rural communities. PAHESN recently established the Community Digital Health Hub Cameroon and Gambia.

The Pan African Health Systems Network (PAHESN) has the mission and purpose to strengthen health systems through promotion and advocacy for evidence-based implementation of digitalised health innovations towards health equity in underserved communities.

The PAHESN foundation, as a not-for-profit organisation, is built on the following core functions:

  • Take a leadership role in identifying emerging issues in community health research, practice, policy, and education;
  • Conduct high-quality, innovative and evidence-based research, and effectively transfer the knowledge generated into practice at the community, clinical and health systems levels;
  • Through our Community Digital Health Hub, educate the families and health care providers, mentor students, junior researchers, and experts to build local capacity for future researchers. Consequently, we want to guarantee sustainability and qualitative community involvement in seeking solutions to local problems.
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