Meet PeopleWith Limited

23 February 2023
PeopleWith ECHAlliance

Meet our new member: PeopleWith Limited. They specialise in enabling individuals or populations of people to capture and share health progression through simple health related metrics to present an holistic impression of health. The PeopleWith health platform can be applied across a range of use cases for healthcare stakeholders seeking richer insight, through Patient Generated Health Data, on conditions, treatments, patient profiles and outcomes across a range of sites and geographies.

The PeopleWith platform comprises of a patient facing mobile application available on IOS and Android in 142 countries. The need for a platform to integrate and share non-clinical data is increasingly evident with the scale in home health devices, wearables and health apps, coupled with the growth in patient engagement and activation. Population health datasets generated through PeopleWith, will be applicable in AI models to provide insight on health progression across diverse health profiles to inform future R&D, treatment plans and optimise outcomes.

PeopleWith provide a resource for anyone to monitor and present their health progression in simple metrics. Each user is consenting for the consolidation of depersonalised, non-identifiable, anonymous data into population health datasets. Data coding on PeopleWith matches R&D and clinical coding frameworks for ease of integration and layering. PeopleWith presents a platform to configure, onboard and develop patient panels to access patient generated health data and patient insights for a range of healthcare stakeholders across academia, health economics and the life science industry. PeopleWith offer their services to stakeholders who are challenged in getting access to richer insight on patients, health journeys, patient profiles affected, progression and treatment outcomes. Beyond commissioned projects, PeopleWith focus on empowering patients to become engaged and activated in their health to optimise treatment outcomes through the creation of rich patient population datasets.

PeopleWith focus on datasets of provenance to inform current and future health. Empowering and enabling people to engage and become activated in health by simplifying health monitoring is central to what is being offered. The PeopleWith Platform provides a solution for patients who want to know how to monitor their health properly. Integrating data from multiple home devices and wearables, together with capturing the right subjective information for ease of interpretation and sharing is a challenge for the population. By placing a simple process in the hands of everyone, population health datasets will inform treatment decisions for all. The growth in wearables, home devices and other health related information presents a need for a platform to consolidate patient generated health data for ease of interpretation, interrogation and sharing.

As a company, PeopleWith want to be introduced to stakeholders within the ECH alliance to collaborate on projects that require access to richer Patient Generated Health Data. These projects can range from managing remote care to involvement in R&D/Real-world evidence generation outside a clinical environment. For example, members within the ECH alliance network may be directly responsible for the provision of care services in geographies where people struggle to access services and would welcome a resource to support remote management. Alternatively, members within the ECH alliance may be working directly on R&D or Real-world evidence projects that require real-time access to richer health progression metrics.

PeopleWith are also seeking collaborations with health stakeholders interested in developing patient-powered patient registries. This can include, but is not limited to patient advocacy groups, condition specific societies or any health group focused on advancing research or enhancing best practice in the management of any health condition.

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