Meet Metadataworks Ltd.

9 March 2023

Meet our new member: Metadataworks Ltd.

Metadataworks (MDW) facilitates faster, simpler, and safer data to innovators across the world. MDW’s data discovery solutions are used by innovative health and research organisations looking to unlock the value of underutilised or siloed data assets by making them FAIRer – more findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. MDW was established in 2019 and in their first year they delivered the UK’s first national research data catalogue (HDR UK Gateway), a major achievement in the field of healthcare data management. Building on their experience with HDRUK they have gone on to deploy their innovative technology and federated approach to world-leading organizations such as the Office for National Statistics ( and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ( MDWs removes the barriers that prevent organisations leveraging their data effectively. They “make data work” for clients, by allowing users to:

  • Find data faster
  • Simplify data access
  • Federate data management and thereby maximise the utility of data and improving patient outcomes.

MDW focus on digital health and social care. They work with health and care providers, research institutions and national bodies who want to understand how their national, regional or local data landscape can be leveraged for both primary and secondary use. MDW specialise in data enablement technology that supports analysts to develop federated, secure data environments, as well as onboard data, curate information and create discoverable data products for the community. Alongside their data enablement function, they have established a data standards practice who work with health and social care organisations to develop, assess and publish health and care standards to increase interoperability.

MDWs focus on innovation and collaboration means that they are always looking for new ways to unlock the value of data to drive impactful change. MDW would like to work with the community to share knowledge on data enablement, collaborate on data standards and accelerate interoperability to further societal outcomes.

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