Meet Etiqa SRL

10 April 2023

Find out more about the work of Etiqa SRL.

With two headquarters in Turin (Italy) and San Francisco, Etiqa is an Italian software company focused on building high-quality digital products along all stages of development: from gathering user requirements to deployment in production.

With 20+ years of experience and a strong team of experts, Etiqa provides tailored support to risk-averse US, EU and UK companies that aim to evolve and innovate in highly regulated industries, such as healthcare, life sciences, digital therapeutics, fintech and insurance.

Our Company, relying on highly specialized technology and quality assurance experts, focuses on product development, compliance, privacy and security challenges for risk-averse industries, such as digital healthcare, life sciences, digital therapeutics and health insurance.

We mainly deal with:

  • ACA Compliant Consumer Healthcare Marketplace
  • Health Insurance Employer & Broker B2B Portals
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • FDA-approved or CE Marking Pharmaceutical Symptom Checker
  • Innovative products focused on the patient journey support
  • Cloud-native applications using microservices or serverless approach

As a software company focused on digital innovation, Etiqa needs to continue to grow, constantly optimize its processes and expand its knowledge and services; therefore, we aim to expand our network of clients and partners to stay up-to-date on market trends and create challenging new opportunities. We also focus on being part of strong international communities to build new connections and strengthen our brand identity.

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