MedTech startup Raccoon.World is looking for partners to implement telerehabilitation into local communities

7 October 2020

Raccoon.World makes efficient, engaging, timely physical rehabilitation accessible to everyone in need. The solution moves the whole rehab process in digital, from patient examination to progress monitoring. Raccoon.Recovery’s uniqueness is integrated video games in the rehab course that help patients to forget about the pain and recover faster. To get the most out of gained knowledge on remote physiotherapy on the way to improve people’s health, the team is looking for academic partners, corporations, and policymakers.

3x better outcomes from physiotherapy with Raccoon.Recovery

Raccoon.World is a European MedTech startup that works on the field of physical therapy. The startup provides rehab centres with software and hardware for telerehabilitation of people after injuries and neurological diseases. To track movements during rehabilitation exercises, the startup offers devices that act as game manipulators. During the lockdown, the team released a possibility to use personal smartphones of patients instead of rehab sensors.

Thanks to automation, digitized examination and remote monitoring, physiotherapists save time for meaningful tasks and can treat more patients. These changes result in up to +150% revenue increase for rehabilitation centres. With Raccoon.Recovery, insurance companies forecast course duration and reduce up to 60% expenses for one patient. Patients benefit from remote access to rehabilitation, gamified training with measurable results and reach 3x better outcomes from physiotherapy.

At Raccoon.World, we make sure that the patients do not get bored during the rehabilitation course, and they have access to a variety of rehab content. The team has developed an algorithm that allows assigning any of the exercises selected by the therapist (elbow flexion, hand rotation or any other) to one of the commands (for example, jump, shoot, squat, etc.) in a real computer game. To recover, patients play video games with movements of prescribed by therapists exercises. Gamification keeps patients motivated and helps to increase the number of repetitive movements per session.

Raccoon.World is looking for partners

Raccoon.World broke down the outdated system in the rehabilitation market and introduced an innovative approach to rehabilitation, turning it into digital. The startup team is open to advise on the implementation of remote physiotherapy. The knowledge and experience of Raccoon.World may be favourable for academic partners, corporations, and policymakers.

  • Policymakers. The team has studied in detail the principles of implementing telemedicine into rehabilitation and examined successful samples in other countries. Furthermore, Raccoon.World launched several programs to train therapists on how to provide physiotherapy services through digital channels. The startup would be happy to share experience and help policymakers with the preparation of guidelines.
  • Corporations. Raccoon.Recovery supports rehab centres, clinics and insurance companies to increase income in the post-lockdown period. Telerehabilitation solutions allow healthcare facilities to conduct online consultations and earn money by treating more patients. Patients who are displaying COVID-like symptoms or are part of a high-risk population can still receive care without putting themselves (and others) at risk. Raccoon.Recovery offers free product testing, onboarding training, and clinic support during all work stages.
  • Academic partners. Raccoon.World has recently closed the Seed round with 900K Euro. These investments will be used, among other things, to conduct additional clinical trials of the digital rehabilitation solution. So, the startup will cooperate with academic institutions to run joint trials.

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