Medical data and device interoperability trends: key insights for decision-makers

6 April 2023

Keep your finger on the pulse of healthcare interoperability. Our latest report includes trends all decision-makers should closely follow and leverage in 2023 including AAMI releasing ANSI UL 2800; why HIES are not living up to expectations; FHIR adoption in large health systems and rising provider demand for patient data

With the increasing use of electronic health records, remote monitoring and population health initiatives, healthcare businesses face mounting pressure to enhance interoperability

But interoperability is more than just a mandate. It’s an opportunity to improve patient outcomes, increase efficiency, reduce costs and drive the future of medicine through better data and research.

This report details the healthcare interoperability trends that should be top of mind for decision-makers in medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and healthcare systems. 

We include major moves from The Sequoia Project, Oracle, SNOMED and LOINC as well as impactful trends including: 

  • Patient access to health data 
  • Why HIEs are not living up to expectations 
  • FHIR adoption takes hold in large health systems 
  • How clinical quality measures (CQM) continue gaining momentum and evolving
  • The symbiotic relationship between SaMD and Interoperability 
  • Rising physician demand for patient-generated data 

Interoperability is moving fast. Use this report to best position yourself for product creation and evolution, organizational development, growth and to prepare for the continued rapid advancement of healthcare technology.  

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