Launching Alder Hey HR e-Form power app

28 June 2021

Alder Hey Innovation Centre & AIHQ team are proud to launch the new HR E-Form App designed to assist staff by easing & simplifying the HR processes and minimising delays.

The Alder Hey Innovation AIHQ team worked together with the HR team to design and develop a single application that simplifies the submission, visibility, approval, quality, and auditing of HR contract change request processes.

The new HR E-Form App assists Alder Hey staff in that it eases the completion of a contract change request form by way of automatically populating forms with information required such as their assignment number, name, department and other information. This helps to both minimise data entry and reduce the risk of inaccurate and/or missing data, which often results in a processing delay.

In addition, the new system brings transparency meaning the status of form submissions can be accessed as it progresses through the various stages. This helps in reducing the number of tracking status queries sent to the HR team. Furthermore, the new App uses Robotic Process Automation (RPA) which currently automates all submitted hours change request forms. This means hours change request e-forms are now processed automatically in the Trust’s Electronic Staff Record (ESR) once Finance approval has been given, speeding up the time it takes to process such changes into ESR.

Using RPA with the App greatly improves efficiency in processing HR requests, and supports the HR team by:

  • Improving staff experience for those responsible for processing hours changes,
  • Reduced payroll errors in relation to hours changes as the accuracy of staff contract information is improved and;
  • Improving efficiency in processing staff contract hours changes; saving the team over 80 hours per month. Released time will enable the team to improve data quality, reporting and statutory returns.

Alison Mellor, ESR Manager who worked diligently with the RPA Team said:

“We’ve had a very positive experience process mapping our first task for automation. While this is the start of a fairly long journey for the HR Team, we can see the benefits that RPA will have for the team and the wider Trust using the service. We have a number of processes that we will be able to automate which will help managers see forms processed in a more timely way, reduce errors in pay and data quality and remove inefficiencies in processing to name a few benefits RPA will be bring to the department. As we prepare to launch our first RPA process, we look forward to working with the team to achieve automation in as many processes as possible.”

Next steps: 

Automation of other contract change request and recruitment request forms.

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